Sunday, December 8, 2019

Post Thanksgiving work conversation

It was the Monday after Thanksgiving. Everyone was back to work. I happened upon a manager/administrator walking in the same direction as me. She's in her mid 60's and probably should have retired by now. She deserves retirement but for whatever reason still comes to work periodically to 'fill in/help out, when needed. She's a great woman and I love her. So full of life and so good at what she does.

I asked her a question and the following discussion ensued:

Hi, Ms. Smith, you get your Christmas shopping done?"

"Most but I hadn't done anything since before Thanksgiving. I hosted a big gathering over our house.

"You do the cooking?"

She looked at me. "I said I hosted. I don't cook. My husband and son do the cooking."

I smiled. "You remind me of Katie. She hates to cook."

"So, you cook?" she asked.

"Katie never cooks, so yes, I do the cooking.  I usually cook enough on Sunday to last us for the next several days so she can eat dinner if I have work late. That way she won't have to do anything more than heat something up in the microwave."

"That's good planning on your part."

"Yeah, it's what she wants so that's what I do. The problem is that this week we were gone so there's nothing in the fridge to eat. Before I asked her that evening if she ate anything for dinner, I knew her answer before I even asked."

"What's that?"

"I asked if she had dinner and she told me she did. When I asked what, she told me she had cereal. That's how bad she hates to cook."

Ms. Smith smiled. "She sounds like we are two peas from the same pod. I hate to cook just as much as she does."

And at that point, we parted ways.

I"m Hers

Thursday, October 31, 2019

"Scary projects"

I had titled this post "how to fold fitted sheets - and more" but after reading my draft to Katie and telling her I was posting this on Halloween, she said, "Scary Projects" - and so the title was changed. Enjoy

At the risk of being too practical I'm going to address this topic. Can we agree that the submissive life is a life of service? Can we agree that what our wives want most is to not worry about doing things they find burdensome or time-consuming? Can we agree that our goal is to make her proud as a result of our actions? I think we can all say, yes, yes, and yes to the above.

There are circles of submissives that dwell on the feminine. They like being feminine. They like dressing like a woman. They find wearing girdles and panties and dresses fun and rewarding. They like folding their wives panties and stowing her bras, one behind the other, in their proper place.

Well, I'm here to make sure you are doing that right.  I've included a few links to make sure you are. Your wife might enjoy you folding panties a particular way and if her way is different than the link I've added below then you keep doing it her way. If you're like my wife, her panties all get tossed in an a basket and only get folded (by me) on the day she is to wear them. She wants them lying folded and laying just outside the shower so she can put on a fresh pair.

But I digress......  I tend to be a handyman - of sorts. I'm not afraid to take on a task (within reason) that is new to me. Youtube is my friend. I'll watch a few videos after something breaks and think, 'I can do that'.... or conclude, 'that's waaaayyyy over my head' and grudgingly tell Katie that we need to bring in a professional.

I have this belief that the more things you own, the more things break. Owning a home is a job that never ends. There are always things that need fixing. I have a toilet in need of repair that I've been putting off for a few weeks. There are a few trees that need felling. There was the leak at the outdoor hose faucet that needed fixing and the weatherstripping that is in disrepair.  You get the idea. The projects that are on your wife's 'honeydo list' can be quite long.

What's keeping you from making that list shorter might be finances but it might also be fear.  I can't help you with the former but there is help in the latter.  Fear is fueled by the fear of failure. You don't tackle a job because you aren't sure if you can do it right.  Hey, I hear you.  That toilet that needs repair still leaks water - even when the faucet at the wall is turned off.  That project is more than just replacing the guts inside the toilet tank. It really requires me to replace the faucet too.  OK, you say, that's not so hard. Just do it.  Ummm, yeah, but that faucet isn't screwed on. It's welded.  I can't unscrew it. I need to cut the pipe.  I don't like cutting pipe. It scares me.  I've done it before but with each time there is this angst that 'what if I do this and I can't get the new faucet on without it leaking - without it gushing water? Plumbers don't work on Saturday. What's going to happen if I can't turn the house water back on?

You see what the fear of failure can do? It keeps me from getting things done properly.  Of course, there is youtube.  I can watch real footage of guys fixing my exact problem. I can see one do it and then I can watch a second guy do it.  I can see what tools they use and their methods.  It's not rocket science. It's simply replicating what they're doing.  In the end, that will be me. I'll do it. I just need to get up the gumption to do so.

So with that said, I've included a few videos to spur you on to get those projects completed at your home.  I added some easy ones that will impress your wife - if you are the type who has two left hands or five thumbs.

Starting with the 'feminine. How to fold a fitted sheet.  This one I can do. It's pretty easy. Practice it while you watch a football game.

Folding panties. This one is easy peasy.

Folding plus size tops. Another quick learn. (And no, my wife isn't one :)

My wife hates that haze on the inside of her windshield. Here's a quick fix to that problem.

One thing I hate is seeing extension cords and lengths of rope just tossed in a heap. Guys. This can't be. You need to move on from heaps and look cool. After all, your buddies can see your ineptness when they walk into your garage or workshop.

Repairing a hole in drywall: I've used versions of this technique many times. I've fished walls and moved outlets. Your temper may have a 'fist-dent' in your bedroom wall. Whether it's covering an outlet hole that is no more or an anger-punch, you can do this and it will look great.  My one tip.....  wider drywall taping knives result in a better job than thinner ones. Tip two..... less 'mud' is better than more.
Here's two links. Your wife will find your skills 'hot' and she will get horny while watching you take on this long overdo job ! I promise :)
# 2

Caulking is another one of those jobs that inevitably needs doing. It might be in your tub, on the backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen. Maybe your wife can't stop reminding you about that 'dark line' where the baseboard molding meets the wall or where  the crown molding does.  What's the fix? A tube of caulk and caulking gun and a little technique.  Of course, in the case of working next to walls, you'll have to paint as well but that's the easy part.  There's lots of caulking links.  Here's one to get you started.

I'll stop with this one but you can learn so much and expand your talents. Best of all, YOU will feel good when you succeed. And don't be discouraged if it's not perfect. Tear it apart and try again - or bring in the professional - just don't be around when he shows up - now that might be embarrassing!

I'm Hers

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Dominance in the little things

Life is filled with the mundane. Although we relish in the exceptional, we live in the ordinary. School, work, breakfast, lunch and dinner, evening TV, working out - whatever comprises your week, there's probably not much that changes in how one week compares to the next.

Though we live repeating the same tasks, the same responsibilities, driving the same roads, and sleeping nearly a third of our life away, we remember most, the exceptional times - those times when we alter from the 'usual'. Maybe that's why we want to go a movie or ballgame. It's why the Olympics draws the attention of even those who care little about sports. Those rare changes spice up our lives and give us the energy to go back to the routines of old.

I believe the good blogs relate life as it is to its readers by providing examples of how dominance and submission can coexist within the ordinary. I won't disagree that reading wild and crazy stories of a submissive being used doesn't make for interesting reading but life at that level of intensity can't exist for a lifetime. Burnout will happen. It just will.

To take this a step further, WLM blogs are filled with comments about tentative women and submissive men wishing their wives would give them more.  You need to look no further than here to find words I've penned expressing those very same sentiments.

But I wanted to write about the little things because it is the little things that comprise most of where life is. Sleeping, eating, working, relaxing - morning, afternoon and evening. One day runs into the other and it is within those nondescript days that dominance takes place. Dominance doesn't happen just when she pulls out the hairbrush or when she puts you in the corner or when she snaps her fingers and you drop to the floor and kiss her feet. Dominance happens when she quietly leaves the table and lets you clear it. Dominance happens when she waits for you to open the door. Dominance happens when she tells you it's time for bed and you have to stop whatever you're doing and follow her to the bedroom. Dominance happens when she denies you orgasm or intimately takes you and has you treat her to a quiet climax. Dominance happens when she decides it's time to go home or when it's time to run errands. Dominance happens when she chooses what you'll be watching on TV or if it will be on at all. Dominance happens when the two of you shop and you realize you won't be purchasing anything - only she will.

I think you get my point. Dominance happens all the time. It happens from the time you get up until you rest your head on the pillow at night. There are literally hundreds of times when she can exert dominance. She needn't be overt, but the fact that 'she can' speaks volumes.

I wanted to write about the little things. The, 'here's my plate,' comment when she's done eating and sitting in front of the TV and gives it to you. The comment that the trash needs to be emptied, that the table needs clearing, the counter needs to be cleaned, the bed needs to be made, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, or her getting out of the car and going inside without giving even the hint that retrieving the ten bags of groceries are her responsibilities are all indications of her being dominant - and you being hers.

In my opinion, its more essential for her to be dominant in the daily things than it is to have intense 'sessions' that only happen every now and again. Knowing her eyes are overseeing her husbands every move, that she may critiques the completion of any or every chore, and live her life with the expectation that her husband is there to serve creates an attitude that is present at all hours of the day.

"Get up and go make my coffee."
"I want this room straightened - now"
"Go make me breakfast"
"Plan out our meals for the week and run it by me by tomorrrow."
"I'm going out with friends and I need to bring a dish to share. I want three ideas as to what I should bring."
"Call X and make that appointment for me."
"This counter isn't clean enough. Do it again."
"Why didn't you vacuum the dining room?"
"We're leaving at 2pm."
"I'm having lunch with Janice next Tuesday at noon. Put that in my calendar."
"We'll be busy on Sunday. Do the wash on Saturday."

I could go on and on.  In each of the above examples, there is an attitude held by her - that her husband is there to serve and that she has the right to correct and expect.  There is also an implied attitude that he is there to serve and obey. That mutual understanding can result in a marriage of intense closeness and love.  Personally I love it when Katie's words come naturally and simply flow. I especially enjoy it when I know she's experimenting with having me do more. She's not one to critique so to have her tell me to do something again, is something I especially love hearing. I don't love it because her comment requires to work more but rather because it reveals her expanding her domain of influence.

Time to stop. I'm rambling.

I'm Hers.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

When The Well Never Runs Dry

I don't expect this to be a very long post and I would love the bulk of the post to evolve in the comments section as you add to what little I have to say. So here we go.

I found the following idea unique and, to be honest, refreshing.  I happened on a post - and can't remember where I read it - in which a woman requires her submissive partner to keep certain items in stock at all times. I believe she called it 'perpetual replenishment' or something similar.

There are very few 'things' that Katie expects me to keep replenished and continually available. Keeping her car adequately fueled is one, having her favorite bottle of wine in the refrigerator is another and keeping her medicine/vitamin dispenser which holds a weeks worth of meds from running empty is still another.

Some might see this a 'yet another thing a sub needs to do' among all the other expectations he already has. I don't see it that way. I see it as yet another way that a husband can look after his wife. I see it as another way he can offload what she has to think about.

If I can reduce the number of extraneous thoughts that clutter Katie's mind and day, I would like to do that. How about you? Do you do things to make sure the well never runs dry? If so, I'd love for you to share. We can all benefit from the duties your wife expects of you

I'm Hers

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The End of Men - A 2010 article in The Atlantic

Not going to say much here. Guys, I hope you read this to the end. If you can't..... I'm going to worry. It will verify one of the thrusts of the article - that men are no longer matching the feminine.

I'm not suggesting this is true but it's interesting to read something written nearly ten years ago and realize society has moved in this direction even further than what is depicted.  Hope you enjoy the read. It's a lengthy one.

Of course, you could spend an equal amount of time doing something mindless like browsing your Facebook or Instagram. (oops, my sarcasm reveals itself yet again)  :)

I'm Hers

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Challenge is What Makes Marriage Great

I've interacted with a newer reader who found this blog and began reading from the beginning. As he's commented on various posts, I've reread the old ones in order to provide feedback.  Recently he commented on a post titled, Are We Destined to be Boring?"  Click on the link if you care to read. The beginning of that post begins as follows:

"I just finished reading a book by Nicholas Sparks entitled “The Choice”. The book is a love story and although it ended happy, it made me cry. It wasn’t the best of books but it made me think about my kids and that brought tears to my eyes."
"The story is about Travis, a thirty something single, handsome, full of life guy, who meets his neighbor Gabby, a cute but taken young woman of twenty six. By the end of a week’s time, he becomes overwhelmed by her. Although he’s dated many women, he falls for this one. She’s like no other. What he finds so different about her is their relationship. It's give and take, not one sided. Travis realizes that with all of his past relationships, they were all the same in one respect: all of his former girlfriends looked to him to plan their outings, make decisions, take care of them and come up with ideas for future outings. Travis realizes those relationships all ended because he became bored with the one sided dynamic of the relationship."
The comment posted by 'B' at the end of the above blog, stated in so many words that he too worries this might happen to his wife. He mentioned how his wife enjoys his interaction, feedback, viewpoints, etc and doesn't ever want him to be a "yes ma'am whatever you want" husband. 

I responded to his reservation about how to handle her asking him to pick a restaurant out knowing she is somewhat limited in food choices while he isn't. 

I said the following:
So here's the solution: The next time she wants to know where you want to eat, you suggest a restaurant. If she is the leader and doesn't want to eat there, she should say, "no, pick another place." And then you do.

Katie will often say, 'where do you want to eat?'. I think the same as you do. I'll eat anything. She won't. I usually suggest two or three places and tell her why I chose them. We will talk it through and come up with something we both like.

You guys can work through this. The challenge of working through issues is one aspect to a WLM that makes the marriage better.
Communication lies at the heart of that old post. Travis, the guy in the story above, became bored because his girlfriends kept telling him, 'whatever'. There was no interaction. No challenge, no feedback. 
"Do you want to go out to eat?"            .....               Whatever.
"Do you want to go and get a drink?"            ....       Whatever.
"Do you want to go to the ballgame with me?" ......  Whatever.  
Sounds pretty boring to me too. I'm exaggerating to make the 'whatever' point, but you get the idea. The same can be said for submissives living under the authority of their dominant partner. I can see how it might be fun for the submissive to defer and thus fulfill his dream of finally becoming 'that submissive, worthless, groveling worm he's always wanted. For, every time he says, "whatever" he's filling his tank and reinforcing who he believes he is.  But he's also disobeying his wife. I mean, if your wife asks, "Do you want to go out to eat?" she's asking for a reason. She wants your opinion. She expects an answer. If the answer is "whatever" the husband is wimping out AND he is disobeying her by not answering her question as she intended it to be answered.

Now, if your wife wants you to be a wimp and have no saying power, then so be it. That's the framework under which she wants you and her to live and one you've agreed to adopt. That's a different scenario. However, this is not where  'B' and his wife are. He has stated on more than one occasion how she enjoys, even insists, he provide input, feedback, other viewpoints, and even disagree if he believes she is wrong. Because she wants him to have a voice in their marital dynamic, I see it to be his duty (as her submissive) to obey and comply with her desire and answer her questions honestly and openly. 
To personalize this to my life, Katie often requires the same. He is one example that happens almost weekly during the fall/winter months. She knows I love football. The team I follow is not local. She has a desire to please and enjoys giving me gifts. Why? Because she loves me. One such gift is the chance to watch a football game. 
She will often ask, "What time does is the game?"
"1 PM, but they aren't on TV."
"Do you want to go out so you can watch it?" (Meaning going to a sports bar.)
"No. They'll probably lose and I don't want to spend the money just to eat and be stressed."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure. I can listen to the game on the laptop."
"OK, if that's what you want."
 Had I said I wanted to watch the game, I'm certain she would have taken me to watch it. Now that doesn't mean that if she has something she wants to do on a Sunday afternoon or evening, that the game is going to supersede. Not at all. We do what she wants and when that situation arises, I don't remind  her, "but if we go, I'll miss the game." I don't go there. I never have and never will. It is just a game.

(I am in the process of rewriting this draft again. Not ten minutes ago she learned there was a band giving a free concert next Sunday. She asked me to check her calendar to see if anything was on it for next week. There wasn't. As of now, we are tentatively going. I never brought up football. To be truthful, I don't even know if, or when, the team I follow is playing next week.)
Too often I'll see married couples out at a restaurant while hardly ever talking. They don't because there is some type of disconnect. They are physically present but not emotionally connected. The connection comes, and is maintained, and is enriched when two people speak to one another. They share thoughts, they talk about their day - not just the things of their day - the associated feelings, thoughts, and opinions too. They open up. They become vulnerable. They connect on an emotional level that goes far deeper than simply discussing things from an outsider's point of view.

"Gosh it was hot today." I know, hey did you hear the dinosaurs won 20-10?" Yeah, that was a great game. Sweetheart, we need to get some chicken. OK, maybe we can fill the car up with gas while we are out."


Necessary? Absolutely, but still boring.

Communication is more than facts and figures and dates and appointments. It's the intentional investment into another person's life. It's the investment of time and energy. It's having the desire to know the other person and to know them well enough that they feel comfortable becoming vulnerable. They feel comfortable talking to you about how they feel, and what they think, and even tell you about their struggles. They share not just their joys but also their hurts.......   AND you feel comfortable, and willing to do the same - to open up, to risk disappointment, - because you know the person you are speaking to loves and cares for you deeply. 
It's my belief that a WLM forces a couple to do that. Communication requires intentionality. It's what I love about saying my morning pledge. It's what I miss when she doesn't call me to kneel before her. It's what I love about Cathy and John's (femdom 101) evening talks when John kneels before her and they talk about their day. It provides the possibility of a talk that goes beyond thinking about the squeak in the dryer, or the busy Saturday with kids tomorrow and how to juggle the 'stuff' that makes life busy.

A wife led marriage can also bring a couple together simply because they spend more time with one another. Men tend to be independent. Women tend to be social. Because Katie is the ruling partner in our marriage, she demands my company on most occasions. She expects me to travel with her (in the passenger seat). We do most everything together. We even mow lawns together (yes, we have two lawnmowers :) ) We shop, run errands, socialize, and watch TV together. Katie will even watch football with me now and again. That time spent in one another's presence provides the chance that we can do more than just talk. We might even communicate on a deeper level.
We talk and our interaction keeps our marriage in good health. I don't think Katie worries she will become "Travis" from the story above. She doesn't see me as the partner who only tells her 'whatever'.

I hope you will communicate with your spouse on a level that goes beyond the superficial. I hope that when your dominant asks a question, you provide an answer. I hope when the situation arises, you feel free to share your hurts and struggles, as well as your joys.
Keep talking. Keep sharing.
I'm Hers 

Should you care to think a little more on the topic of communicating, I found this podcast titled "Sex with Emily"   Listen beginning around minute 9.  I just found her. Heard her on TV this week. Why? cause I'm a guy. I like sex - but not with Emily. Just with Katie :)  Enjoy your week.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Foretelling of the Future?

A radio commentator made mention of a study stating the increasing difficulty unmarried women are having in finding a suitable mate. That comment got my attention. I found the study and saved the article as a topic for a later post.  I am not the first to write while using this study as my context. The author of Real Women Don't Do Housework beat me to it.

If you have not read AND supported the Real Women Don't Do Housework, you are doing FLR, WLM a disservice. It's a great resource, is well-written, and has much pragmatic information. Her book alone is worth the price (it's free)  You can find the link to her website here. The blog can also be referenced from my sidebar as well.

As an aside, if you engage in conversation and others listen without ever responding, it makes you feel unwanted, unimportant and less likely to share your thought again. The same can be said with blog comments. Comments fuel future posts. Please support the RWDDH and fuel her desire to write. Thank you :)

Back to the unmarried women article. A talk radio host made mention of the difficulty unmarried women have in finding a mate who meets their expectations. You can read it here, but here's the gist of the study. Researchers compiled a profile for the average married male and compared his economic, academic, and employment data with unmarried males of similar age and race. They found the following.  Married men have an average income that is about 58% higher than similar aged unmarried men. Married men also are 30% more likely to be employed and 19% more likely to have a college degree. Racial and ethnic minorities, especially Black women, face serious shortages of potential marital partners, as do low socioeconomic status and high socioeconomic status unmarried women.

So, what the study did was look at various groupings of married men. Men in their 20's, 30's, 40's, etc. Married Black men, White men, Asian men, etc. They did the same with groupings of unmarried men. They looked at income, education, employment and compared the two groups side by side (e.g., married 30ish year old men with unmarried 30ish year old men). As you can see, married women have scooped up most of the good ones.  Now that is not to say there aren't good ones still to be found but from the research, the pickings become more selective. Unmarried women have a harder time finding a mate who has the financial and educational achievements that match her married friends. As the RWDDHW post noted: those unmarried women may have to compromise should they choose to marry.
The authors of this study concluded: "This study reveals large deficits in the supply of potential male spouses. One implication is that unmarried women may remain unmarried or (have to compromise by marrying) less well‐suited partners."
In the past, I have noted the lack of male leadership in society. It doesn't take much effort to find it. Women dominate the morning TV shows. They dominate almost every student body at colleges and universities - at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. They out-graduate males at both levels. One of the August 2019 economic indicators noted by the government stated there are more women working than ever before. Women are on the rise. Men are falling behind. (Shame on them!) I went to Wikipedia and found these numbers with respect to the number of women in the US House of Representatives. As you can see, the 'line' as time moves forward is arcing at an ever-steeper slope.

                     #   % women
1985–1987   25  4.7%
1987–1989   26  4.9%
1989–1991   31  5.8%
1991–1993   33   6.2%
1993–1995   55  10.3%
1995–1997   59  11.0%
1997–1999   66  12.3%
1999–2001   67  12.5%
2001–2003   75  14.0%
2003–2005   77  14.4%
2005–2007   85  15.9%
2007–2009   94  17.6%
2009–2011   96  17.9%
2011–2013   96  17.9%
2013–2015  101  19.1%
2015–2017  104  19.4%
2017–2019  104  19.4%
2019–2021  127  23.7%

The point being, and generally speaking, women, more than men, have a greater desire to aspire. They want better. They are not settling for just OK. Their desire to improve themselves is outpacing that same desire for their male counterparts. Why that is, is for another place and time. I am not advocating female superiority but studies such as these bring to light that women are demonstrating greater motivation than similarly aged men. Here's another link if you care to read more on that topic

My thoughts here aren't to mimick the points made by the RWDDH blog post. Instead, I wondered what these trends might mean for the husband/wife dynamic for future marriage unions. I believe there are reasons that are at play that may impact the popularity of relational dynamics such as wife-led-marriage popularity.

First, you had to have to be disconnected from society to not realize women have taken a stand. The "Me Too" movement has taken off and is still continuing. Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, the real idiot, football player - Antonio Brown - (and his boss, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft) are but a few of hundreds who have recently been called to the carpet for their infidelity and abuse of women.

Second, women are more verbal in expressing, in the public eye, their dissatisfaction with make behavior. This came to light during the Kavanaugh confirmation as Supreme Court Judge and the accusations surrounding the Christine Blasey-Ford. (I am not speaking of her credibility as an accuser but rather all of the comments that came as a result of that accusation by so many.) A congresswoman from Hawaii stated, "Men should just shut up".  I don't know that I agree with that but the statement speaks to her viewpoint (and probably the viewpoint of many) about how they feel about being second class citizens to the other gender.

Third, there is a dumbing-down of male masculinity. Say what you want, but in the opinion of this author, our boys are growing up more and more as wimps (I know, it's a broad statement). Boys are not as tough as they were. Parents baby their kids. It really is OK to sweat and work and push oneself and labor and not get everything you want. I think every boy needs to work on a farm, pick tomatoes or tobacco, shovel snow for hours or dig ditches or even hold a sign where they have to change it from 'stop' to 'slow' on a 90 or 10-degree day. If for nothing else it's to help them see that 'life would suck if I had to do this every day'. Computers, cell phones, video games and the like have moved boys inside rather than living and working and interacting outside. Society has moved away from encouraging males to toughen up. The term, 'helicopter mom' speaks to the overbearing attitudes parents have toward their children - boys and girls alike.

Given these trends, I can't help but wonder if males will soon become the weaker sex - not with regard to their physical prowess - but rather, with their will when interacting with women - and more specifically with their wife. There will always be assholes..... oops, I mean immature men :) who dominate women and make them feel like they don't measure up but the percentages of those unions are diminishing every year.

More men are coming to find their spouses to be the leader when it comes to keeping the family afloat financially. Women are deciding the social outings their families have, where the family vacations, as well as managing the dynamics of life at home.  In the bedroom, they hold ultimate power, given the mindset of the male brain. Any woman that his figured this out can exploit this to her advantage.

With more and more males failing to measure up (per the results of the above research article), if a woman chooses to marry a guy who is less educated, and earns financially less, it only makes sense that she will use her leverage to get more of what she wants within the confines of her marriage.

By no means do I believe that income and education determine the outcome of a couple's happiness. The likelihood the two of them form a marriage that is wife-led depends on how much desire she has to lead as well as the desire a man has at seceding his rights to live as her equal. Might the increased percentage of accomplished women cause them to take the lead in their marriage? Might the inability of men to equal her with regard to education, and employment cause him to see the need for her to lead? The fact that unmarried men are more likely to lack what their married counterparts have achieved is an indicator that may result in more couples engaging in a wife led marriage. And if I may share my opinion...... I think that would be most welcome.

I'm Hers