Friday, March 25, 2011

Delicious Words

One evening last week, Katie and I were lying in bed cuddling and kissing. After some time she uttered those magical words, "Lick me."

As I repositioned myself between her legs and asked if I could put the pillow that we keep next to the bed under her hips, I proceeded to lick her to one orgasm after another.  I don't know about you but ordered 'there' - knowing that I am giving her the ultimate gift of pleasure is like nothing else. To just 'play' with her senses using nothing more than my tongue is the best! To be able to be that close to her most intimate part - her sex - is what I live for. Pleasing her orally is as wonderful as, if not better than sex itself.

I watched her, fondled her breasts as I ran my tongue over her clit and in and around her vagina, held her hips as she undulated and later bucked them as her orgasm neared, watched her body from beneath soaking in the beauty of her soft breasts and thoroughly enjoyed the moment as she lay - eyes closed - enjoying every bit of the attention I gave her.

Finally I was commanded once more, "Come up here."

I knew those words were coming. I didn't know when, but I knew they would come eventually. Those words meant intercourse.  Next to the bed on my nightstand are two bottles - one contains massage oil, and the other olive oil that I use to lubricate my penis before penetration.

As I was oiling, I asked, "Can I make a request?"


"Would you be on top this time?"

"Yes," she whispered.

She took full control, lowering herself on me, rocking and moving as she as she used my body for her own pleasure. As we made love and as things heated up, Katie exercised her true dominance as she leaned over me, stationary, her hips just above mine, her eyes riveted on me as she forced me with unspoken words to penetrate and please her as I knew she liked best. 

The words she next spoke came breathy, whispered, and sensuous as another orgasm approached, "I want you to cum inside me and then I'm going to crawl up over your face and you're going to open your mouth. I'm going to watch your cum drip from my pussy into your mouth and then you're going to eat it," she gasped.  We came together as one successive wave of ecstasy after another drenched our bodies. We became one.

The sex was fantastic but to hear those words - those directives that I spoke about in a previous post, that is what I live for. There's nothing like hearing those words.  Yes, consuming my ejaculate is what she expects of me every time I cum but to be told to do so added an entirely new dimension of submissiveness to the task. I read another blog recently posed by Subservient Husband in which he too described the pleasure of being forced to submit. Knowing that 'she' has the power to do anything she wants with me is a gift I love and when that gift has sexual pinnings it is special indeed.

After I licked her and she moved off me, we cuddled once more. She kissed and savored the remnants of what I had consumed. I heard her moan with delight as she shared with me. Her moans of pleasure were another gift she gave me. Kissing, hugging we shared intimately - our bodies intertwined and incredibly close.

The night was heavenly and ended with me massaging her for another hour before we finally went to bed. To serve her in so many ways, knowing that I made her feel loved, adored, special was such a treat. To the outsider it would appear that I was the one that 'gave' and she was the one that 'took', and in some ways she did 'take', but she also gave me so much in return. She filled me emotionally in so many ways. She not only allowed me release but she gave me the privilege of enjoying her, of pleasing her, of submitting to her. Even more than all of that, I could sense her enjoyment as she touched, used and pleasured herself - using me - using my body - as the source of that pleasure.  We both fell asleep fully and completely content, each having addressed the deepest wants and desires of the other.

I can't wait to hear those same delicious words again - hopefully sooner rather than later.

Til next time,


  1. Mr. IH,

    I am totally consumed with the desire to see my wife in ecstasy. When she permits me to bring her to an orgasm, I feel a flood of pleasure too and find I seek opportunities almost all the time.



  2. Yes, that was a very sweet posting.

    There is special time in life when a young women learns there are more uses for a man's tongue than simply as an aid to speach.

    Love, Kathy

  3. SH and Kathy,
    Thanks for posting. I really do appreciate the support you give by freely sharing your thoughts. I was wondering if this one was a bit too 'juicy' but felt that I really wanted to convey the depth of intimacy as well as the submissive over/undertones of her words.

    Kathy, your words are so true. And delicious to me as a man when thinking about the woman I love so dearly.
    Enjoy the weekend

  4. Nice thing about the blog-o-sphere, you are free to write anything you wish.

    I find it therapeutic.

  5. GF here--

    Outstanding post. To paraphrase one of the women of the Witches of Eastwick, your blog 'had plenty of juice'.

    I wish my wife said things like that. And did things like that. But, as you know, I'm just starting out as a 'stealth submissive' and time will tell.

    You are a righteous dude.