Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daily Doings

I read another blog and it got me thinking about what it is that I do for my dominant partner on a day to day basis. Below is my list. It is an ever evolving one in which tasks are added and/or deleted depending on whether or not Katie wishes me to continue with the task to which I have agreed.  Most of the list consists of tasks that I came to her asking if I could do.  A few are items are ones she has requested.  I wonder if your day is similar to mine or if it is drastically different.  Granted, we have no children to care for so it is just she and I and that impacts us far differently than it would a D/s couple with children in the home.

I have come to love doing each and every item on here and miss doing these tasks when we are apart for periods of time. Note: I intentionally didn't use the word chore as I don't look at what I do for her in that 'negative' sense of the word. Viewing my daily tasks in this way took some  but as I thought about why I was doing these and how I was helping her my attitude changed. Rather than thinking of how much more I am doing than she, which was my old vanilla way of looking at life, I came to view these as how much I was showing Katie love and affection by making her life more pleasant.  Here's the list and as always, I would love your feedback and suggestions.

Morning tasks:
a. Get shower ready
b. Get a washcloth and towel out - hang over shower rail - note: I always shower after her and always use her towel so as to not dirty another - and it's a nice act of submission that I enjoy doing - more for me than her but she enjoys knowing I do this of my own accord.
c. Get out clean panties
d. Make the bed while she's in shower
e. Put toothpaste on her toothbrush - and reapply toothpaste anytime I see the toothbrush is without it
f. Get out deodorant
g. Dry/brush your hair - I am to be there when she gets out, ready to assist her if she wants me to do this.
h. Get out makeup
i. Feed the cats
j. Get her meds/vitamins ready with glass of water
k. Check her email highlight emails to to be deleted.

Evening tasks:
a. Sit near her always
b. Read when requested
c. Offer to get her wine or snacks
d. Give her the remote.
e. Glass of water on nightstand
f. Turn down the sheets/ Turn on the electric blanket (in winter)
g. Put nightie on bed
h. Put toothpaste on her toothbrush
i. Offer to give a massage

Tasks throughout the day:
a. Clean the cat litter daily
b. Take out the trash and return the trash bins to the garage
c. Put her clothes in the hamper or fold and put clean ones away
d. Open doors
e. Show public affection
f. Wait for her to decide when it is time for us to leave company and thank our guests for their hospitality.
g. Offer to drive but always ask if you prefer to drive.
h. Help you with your coat and hang it up when we are home or take it from you when we are out socializing.
i. Greet her at the door whenever she returns from being away with a hug, kiss
j. Seat her before I am seated when out
k. Prepare every meal and set the table
l. Clean the kitchen after every meal.
m. Do the wash and put clothes in the dryer – fold when dry.

General acts of submission
a. Shave genitals daily (cock, balls, ass, face)
b. Call her each morning while driving to work
c. Call/text to remind her of an appointment you wish me to remember
d. Ask her nightly if I may take off the 6000*
e. Ask her nightly what she expects regarding me wearing the 6000 the following day*
f.  Inform her of my schedule each morning so she knows what my responsibilities are
g. Inform her immediately should anything in schedule change
h. While not working I will adjust my schedule to get tasks done while she is busy so that I am free to converse with her should she wish to do so.
i. Always thank her for talking with me on the phone and tell her how much I love her and that I am hers before saying goodbye/goodnight

* with regard to the wearing of the CB6000 Katie is considering locking me up more continuously. Her concern is the health of my skin while remaining in chastity so options d and e may change over the next few weeks. Just an example of how my expectations are at the mercy of her desire.

Are there others you would suggest I add to this list?


  1. Thank you for such a comprehensive list! I will definitely be using this as a resource. I particularly like how you've included a lot of "old fashioned chivalry" like opening doors and taking her coat.

  2. Ms. Elle,
    The list seems long but it's what I came up with. In reality, it's really easy to keep up with all that is there. The time consuming tasks are meals and massages - and laundry periodically. Most of the other tasks are simply attitudes of putting her first in all the little ways that she enjoys so much. Thanks for posting.

  3. I think I need to keep you two apart ;)

  4. Mr. IH,

    just a suggestion. How about leaving the room while she gets ready so she may have it to herself in privacy? I do that for my wife and she seems to appreciate it.

    The list seems good. Ms. Rika made the suggestion to have the submissive prepare the list and the Domme would simply approve ones she liked. It was a great idea of hers and one my wife took to right away. After all, the domme's life should be easy and the submissive the one with the burden.

    anyway, thank you for sharing.


  5. Great list, and as you say, one the keeps growing and evolving. Here are a few other suggestions that I am expected to do for Jane, but that don't appear on your list Jane.

    Clean her shoes daily and put them away.
    Wash her underwear by hand, and maintain neat and tidy underwear draws.
    Always pay for and carry her shopping when out together.
    Iron the household laundry, but not hers.
    Keep her shaved and trim

    Just a few ideas

  6. Wonderful list, Katie is a lucky lady, as are you to have found a partner that acccepts your submission! I hope to once again have a "list of expectations" from my wife, as the one we had previusly is long gone. Maybe I should take the advice of SH and present her with a list, but it is so much more meaningful and powerful if the list is developed by her and presented to me!

    Also, thank you for adding my blog to your list and for your comments. Its been a journey and it continues, so all is good.

  7. @AT,
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I read your suggestions to Katie and she decided not to officially add any to my list. She commented that I already do carry the groceries/shopping bags, that she didn't need her underwear kept any different than it is now, and that I will iron as I do. Should you have others, feel free to share. Thanks, and know I enjoy reading your posts.

    LWife, Thanks for the kind words. If I were you I'd offer your wife your list of submission although I do agree that being told is a wonderful feeling. But wouldn't it be a wonderfully submissive gesture on your part to give her a list and ask her if she would like you doing each and every one of the tasks on the paper you hand her? She can say 'yes' or 'no' depending on how she wants you serving her.
    Yummy thoughts aren't they? Thanks for the comment and taking the time to read.

  8. Well, from your post and comments of others, I put a list together and presented it to by wife. It consisted of 5 main categories "Personal Pampering, Love & Respect, Household, Husband, and Other”. I added a description of the task then provided her with 4 columns where she could select from a drop down box what the Schedule would be, if she was to Request it, or it was up to me to offer or just do the task, her level of Desirability for the task (loves it, not interested, etc) then a Comments/Instructions field. Guess I am a bit of an excel spreadsheet nerd, but this way she can select what she likes, add things or eliminate them by selecting "not interested". I listed 85 possible tasks and added 5 blank lines per category for her to fill in if she chooses. It is kind of forward ofr me to put this on her, a list of my making for her to respond to but I am hopeful it will keep the FLR ball rolling, only time will tell. Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement.

  9. LoveWife,
    I think your idea is really cool. Maybe when you get this all set in stone you could post the final list on your blog. Personally when I read Uniquely Rika seeing the list she posted that included items her husband did for her was quite helpful. I was hesitant to post mine as I have no idea how it compares with what others do/don't do but I thought back to when i was trying to decide what real service submission meant and thought it might be helpful to others to at least see the practical aspect of my submission to Katie and what she expects of me. Thanks for writing. I especially like the way you broke your list down into categories..... but 85 items?!?!? that sounds like a lot :)

  10. I'm writing on a kindle which DOESN'T HAVE A COMMA on its keyboard.

    Ok so my question is: how in the hell can you shave your ass. ?