Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ratcheting Down the Screws

For the past several months I've been in chastity about 16 hours a day. Katie has always been gracious by letting me take the 6000 off at night but informing me I am to put it on each morning. Although I have done as she has requested I have always been betwixt and between with her expectation. On one hand I was glad to have the freedom and avoid the discomfort of the early morning erections. On the other hand, remaining captive 24/7 while apart appealed to my submissive desires.  Her reasoning for the daily breaks had little to do with my issues but with maintaining skin hygiene as she felt that being contained in the plastic tube would cause skin breakdown.

Enter SH :)  Katie contacted SH after reading a post of his that had something to do with this topic. It peaked her interest so she contacted him. After getting feedback and reading a few resources that he referred her to, I am now in chastity 23.5/7. Yes, I get to unlock during showers so I can keep that body area shaved as she likes it. I am also permitted to unlock if the morning erections persist and keep me awake as she doesn't want me tired while at work, however after discussing this with her last week, she wants me to make every effort to keep it on through the erection - something I intend to do regardless of the pain involved.

Going to bed with the 6000 on is great. Being pushed further into submission is great. Losing my freedoms are ..... ehhhh  - I don't know. I miss the freedom. I miss the choice to decide but I am choosing to submit to her as the one that is the head of our household.

The primary positive of this change is her willingness to assert her power and control over me just a little more. It's what pushes my buttons, but I know it is also what develops her self esteem and confidence - and to me - that's the bottom line. I want her to be self assured as a dominant woman. I want her to exude confidence - not arrogance - but confidence and grace, and beauty and stature.  It's those traits that appeal to me so much and I hope that by submitting she will in turn grow as the dominant, superior, woman I so want her to be.  (I added that last adjective just for you SH - hehe)
Until later,

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  1. To be truthful, I find it surprisingly comfortable. The morning erections with pain are a side effect which makes for uncomfortable spells, but those do pass.

    My favorite is the panic of her being out of town with the key. It is an exhilarating feeling.


    glad to have been of help to your Wife. Take care.