Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recommended Books

I would like to hear from others on this topic.  What books would you recommend that articulately speak to the topics of the D/s lifestyle, FLR, WLM, femdom?  I have read Uniquely Rika and to those that have not read it, I highly recommend this book. It changed my view of submission and has been instrumental in how we lead our lives as D/s respectively.

Are there others that you think are worthy of reading?  Katie would like me to purchase "Worshiping your Wife" but I know little about it.  Sure would love to hear what others have to say and in particular if the books you suggest add more to the D/s life perspective than the Uniquely Rika text.


  1. Hello, IH.
    We/I have read quite a lot of such books, and we/I hold that there's nothing comparable to Uniquely Rika, at least not when it comes to "perspectives". Most other books focus very much on techniques or are based on some quite "special" ways of thinking/seeing things. None of them, for instance, could tell a non-dominant wife what's in for her about all this. Uniquely Rika could.

    As for "Worshiping your Wife", I have a clear opinion: Save your money! It's very, very, very basic. When I read it, I constantly wondered what auditory the author must have had in mind. Some boorish macho? Most of his "advices" are in no way D/s, but just good manners (something like "listen to what your wife speaks about, when talking to her, not just pretending to listen to it" and alike). I was very disappointed about this book, and I guess you most likely know everything in it already.


  2. Well, I just had a look in our bookshelf for erotic literature.
    I must have read at least three books before Uniquely Rika:
    The Mistress Manual by Mistress Lorelei
    The Sexually Dominant Woman by Lady Green
    The Art Of Sensual Female Dominance: A Guide for Women by Claudia Varrin
    I wrote a little about the first two books in my posting

    As for the last one: I didn't remember reading that at all. But I just opened the book and found quite a number of post-its with my handwriting and I must have read it (or at least the first 2 chapters that contain the post-its) less than 3 years ago, because my copy is from 2008. - Really, I don't remember anything at all. Obviously it hasn't left much of an impression on me - or at least no different impression than the other two books I had read several years earlier.

    It might be interesting to re-read the books in order to see if I perceive them now from a different perspective, but, actually, I have no inclination to do so at the moment.

    René and I also read several books written by a gay BDSM couple. But they are in German, so you won't be too interested in them anyway, I suppose.

  3. Rene and Tamara,
    Thanks so much. Tamara, I will read your link on the other two books. The Mistress manual was one I had heard. Rene' although the WYW sounds basic, I'll probably spend the $ anyway cause Katie wants me to read it. And that's the bigger issue moreso than spending a few dollars.

    Tamara, should you read the Claudia Varrin text again, feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.

    And before I go.... are you two D and s together? Just wondering. :)

  4. I like fiction. There are many. Two I respectfully recommend;

    1) The Erskan Trilogy - Ken McVey
    2) Sleeping Beauty Trilogy - A. N. Roquelaure (AKA Anne Rice)

  5. I'm-Hers, actually "Worshipping your Wife" was one of my Christmas presents to René. I hadn't read it myself and thought it might have some nice ideas. But when René read some passages to me I realized that it was not really what I had thought it would be. - But, of course, there is no harm in reading it, and what is a waste of time for one person/couple may be a valuable resource for another.
    Besides, I would be interested to hear what you think about it.

    As for your question: I don't really understand what you mean: If we are couple? If we are really practicing D/s?

  6. SH: thanks for the book ideas. I paged through some of the reviews on Amazon. They peaked my interest and may order one or more for summer reading.

    Tamara: Katie and I read about a third of the Worshipping your wife book last night. I could tell she was enjoying the read as (I read it too her of course :). I'll let you know my thoughts when done but I do think he has a point about intentional courtship. As to my question, after reading your blog, I think I found my answers - that yes you are a D/s married couple. Thanks for commenting.