Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I’m So Excited

I knew ever since the first of the year that I would be taking a business trip for a week later this month. I had extended Katie an open invitation to join me but circumstances seemed to not allow her to come. We looked into her flying out to join me partway through my stay but even that wasn’t working out due to the remote area I would be located and the expenses it would incur.  I had offered to pick her up this weekend and bring her back to spend a week with me before I left the following week but that would mean too many days away from home, leaving too many responsibilities in the hands of others. So I did what any good sub would do. I offered to drive several hours in the opposite direction to pick her up the day before I would need to turn around and drive many hours in a different direction to my destination.
And you know what? She said ‘yes’! Yes changes everything. It makes a drive of 400 miles to see her seem like nothing. I love making that trip when I know that my beautiful Katie is waiting for me at the end of my drive. It makes the next day’s drive so much fun knowing that she will now be in the seat beside me. She changes my world. She changes my perspective. Making the sacrifice to pick her up is really no sacrifice at all, rather it is a blessing.
What I thought was going to be a typical nine-day work trip is now a special one. What I thought was going to be solitary nights alone will now be evenings spent with her. What I thought would be sleeping in a room alone will be anything but. And the icing cake is that our location will allow us to walk with our toes in the sand and watch the sun set for many a night. How romantic is that? I sure hope the weather cooperates.
Until then, do I even need to say it….

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