Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Fun Surprise

After returning from our week-long trip, Katie and I spent two days together at her place before I left to teach a week-long course at a location about three hours away. She had intended to join me for a day or two, midway through my time away but came down with a cold and I encouraged her to stay home and rest. But I missed her so!

One of my qualities, both good and bad, is my impulsiveness. At times it makes for spontaneous decisions and choices that result in unexpected surprises while at other times, I live to regret the sudden decisions I make without thoroughly considering all of the ramifications.  I spoke to Katie shortly before lunch the day she was to see me and she mentioned how she wished she was on her way. We talked and I told her this was best but I too missed her and wished she would be here with me to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the mountain area I was in.  It was then that it struck. As I was teaching a quiet thought, a whim, came to mind. It made no sense but the whisper grew louder within my subconscious. “Should I?” “This is crazy!” “You can’t?” “Wouldn’t this be great?!” The drama continued mind throughout the afternoon and soon I found a reason to excuse the class an hour early. Within five minutes I was in the car and heading east to see my girl.  Yes!

But Katie has this intuition that amazes me. Yes, I gave her a few hints via texts that I might want to drive to see her that evening, knowing full well that I’d have to leave by 5:30 the following morning. But even so, it wasn’t more than ten minutes after I called her that her suspicions were aroused and she asked the question I couldn’t skirt around, “Where exactly are you?” I was caught and confessed amongst giggles that I had decided to make the 200 mile trip to surprise her. And what a great time we had.  We enjoyed time together that evening over a glass of wine. I was able to make her dinner; I cleaned the kitchen that had a few days of dishes piled in the sink. I did a few small chores that she wanted done. But after attending to those expectations we reunited. We talked, laughed, cuddled and on the whole had a wonderful evening before drifting off to sleep.  

I arrived at her home just as the sun was setting and we fell asleep shortly after midnight but that short time together completely changed our feeling of separation. It shortened it. It made it seem like it wasn’t nearly as long of a break from one another and all it took was a little effort on my part to do something that made no sense to the rationale mind.

Life is short and performing acts of service such as this is what makes life worth living. As a submissive male, I made a pledge almost a year ago that I would focus my mind only on her, that I would attend to her needs to the best of my ability and that I would seek to make her life easier and more enjoyable.  Rather than spending a few hours on the phone only able to hear her voice I spent those few hours talking to her driving and eventually walked into her waiting arms. 

Ah, how good it is to be impulsive at times!  This time it worked out beautifully. I made her smile. I tended to her emotional needs. I even did chores for her. Life is good!

Until later,

I’m Hers