Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facebook Quote #2

Here's another facebook comment addressed to women:

For all the young women just beginning life.....A woman would be much better off if she could determine the difference between a man that flatters her & a man that compliments her...a man that spends money on her & a man that invests in her...a man that views her as property & a man that views her properly...a man that lusts after her & a man that loves her...a man that believes he is Gods gift to women & a man that REMEMBERS a woman was God's gift to man....So choose WISELY!
I see quotes like this and can't help to think that this is how all men should be treating their woman.... and then taking care of them as they ought to be treated.  In many ways I see all women conveying qualities of the D/s lifestyle. They want to be loved, cherished, adored, respected, taken care of, worshipped? Life as 'vanilla' women seek is not that so far fetched from the service submission/dominance of many that live in what I they would call an alternative lifestyle.  They look at it as a kink but I see it as a way a man should treat the woman he loves.  His primary focus should be her, not his guy friends, or the sports he follows, or the book he's reading - that is unless he has permission to go there.
For the guy it is a tough decision to make.  Tonight I was just IMing another domme who had a potential sub read the book Uniquely Rika.  He decided it was too demanding and couldn't live that way.  If only he could. Yes his life would change dramatically but in so many positive ways. He'd learn so much about himself and learn to look at women so differently than he does now. I feel bad for him and feel bad for the woman that he could have served.  
Yes the lifestyle is more demanding for men that choose that path but in the end I see way more similarities than differences as both the quote from the woman above and the focus of the sub to his domme are very similar indeed. Don't you agree?
Just some food for thought on a Tuesday evening.
Till next time,
I'm -Hers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Expanding my culinary repertoire

This past Friday I made my weekly trek to visit Katie who now lives so much closer than before. On Saturday she left for a wedding, not to return until Sunday afternoon.  I had a lot of free time on my hands to shop, clean, relax and try my hand at making one of Katie's favorite dishes - Lasagna.  Not knowing how to cook this I typed the phrase "best lasagna recipes" and began searching. I soon found 'the worlds best lasagna recipe' and read the reviews. Printing off the ingredients I headed to the to grocery store to purchase those items not in the house. 

What fun it was mixing ingredients, cooking up a fantastic red sauce and compiling all together - layer by layer. Just before she arrived home on Sunday I had a bouquet of roses on the table, with the lasagna displayed in the foreground - and all of my pots, pans, and mess cleaned up.

Her reaction was the best and made the effort so worthwhile.  We haven't eaten it yet as we had plans for a Sunday dinner with friends but the flavors are blending and readying themselves for when I thaw it and pop it in the oven to enjoy.
I'm Hers

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook Statement

The other day Katie saw a post on Facebook that addressed how a man should treat a woman.  It received over 60 responses. Some responses were positive but most of the women that shared commented how far fetched and impossible this statement was. Many blasted men for being selfish and self centered.

When I read the quote the first thing I thought of was how that was exactly how a submissive man should treat his Domme.  Here's the quote:

HOW to TREAT A WOMAN: wine her dine her . call her. hold her. surprise her compliment her. smile at her. listen to her. cry with her. romance her. believe in her. cuddle with her. shop with her. give her jewelry. buy her flowers. hold her hand. write her love letters. go to the ends of the earth and back again for her !

I wonder what thoughts came to mind when you read this. Love to hear your thoughts.
I'm Hers!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Additional Time Together

I found out late Wednesday that I would be able to get off work on Friday and so after finishing work late on Thursday evening I headed to Katie's place arriving a little after midnight.  After a bit of chatting we headed upstairs where I of course stripped naked and got in bed with her to watch some TV.  She had me fetch us a bottle of wine and wine glasses and we finished off a bottle before she asked me to give her her nightly massage.  Lathering her up with oil I massaged her for a good while. How nice it is to lay in the quiet of the night and hear her express just how much she enjoys being touched.  Typically Katie starts out laying on her side, then her other side and finally prone. Eventually I pleased her orally and when she had her fill she told me to 'come up'. Before we made love I asked if this was to be a night just to please her and she informed me it was. 

I fell asleep completely satisified.  Katie orgasmed several times, I none.  I massaged Katie for over an hour  while she had no obligation to massage me. I completed a few quick errands for her while she relaxed knowing I caring for her. Yet I was completely content as this is how we both now live - she enjoying my services and me enjoying my service to her.  The D/s life indeed is beautiful to experience and best of all, today is only Friday and we  have three more days together!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picture Icon

It is with Katie's permission that she allowed me to post a picture of her with my hands supporting her breasts.  The ring I am wearing is a ring she gave me - a ring of ownership - one signifying not only my submission to her but also that I am owned. It is not a ring of slavery but one expressing both her love as well as her dominance. As beautiful as she is outwardly, it is the person within that I love most. She is indeed my soulmate and I am the man that  has come into her life that she has always wanted. We fell in love as friends and only later did I ask her be the one to lead our relationship and allow me to submit to her.We are best friends and lovers. We live a normal life as far as our closest friends are aware yet they have seen glimpses of our personal D/s life. But I'm digressing so I will save future thoughts for later :)Until then,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Weekend of Fun but a Regretful Mistake

To those that enjoy interacting via comments know that my blog site is not allowing me to make comments on my own site. I cant figure out the problem but wanted you to know that I was not ignoring those that took the time to comment. Now on to the post.
I spent an enjoyable yet busy weekend with Katie. Sunday was our busy day as we went out for a brunch with her friends and then attended another couples wedding reception that afternoon, followed by more socializing at another girlfriends home once the reception ended. As usual, Katie looked fantastic and I was able to meet still more of her girlfriends at the reception. It's different being in this position as her submissive as she expects me to dote on her, showing appropriate affection, and physical contact while out together. My old life of just thinking about me is no more and I am a better man for the change to which she has insisted. What I love is her telling me about the comments her girlfriends make. They notice that I touch, hold, smile, compliment and express my love to Katie. They see the affection I show her. They notice when I refill their glasses of wine, pick up the napkin that fell on the floor, help with a coat or sweater, or other acts of gratitude. Being conscious of my position as Katie's submissive in social situations is one of the things I love most as those times are all about her and others do indeed notice.
However, not all was peaches and roses last weekend. On Friday evening we made love and as I got close I asked her to tell me to stop, which she did. However I waited to long before asking. I withdrew but orgasmed as soon as I was out. Feeling bad I ruined it but did so in a way that she was unaware. She left to use the bathroom while I used another and discarded my release. What bothered me all the next day was that I did not tell her what I had done. The fact that I orgasmed was not the issue. The fact that I didn't confess I did because I didn't want her to tell me to consume it did. Consuming is what is expected of me and I knew it. I wimped out and hid my mistake from her until the following day when I finally confessed. But confession doesn't fully make up for doing what I should have done in the first place - to tell her the truth immediately and then let her decide how to handle the situation.
I kept a secret from Katie and that was wrong. Hiding thoughts and actions is one habit I want to completely remove from my life with her, yet I failed miserably this time. Honesty and openess has been one of the cornerstones of our relationship. It has lead to a depth of love I've never experiencedl. I do not want secrets - especially because I want to avoid a consequence - to creep into our relationship. I need to be stronger with respect to honesty and openess with her.
Katie graciously forgave me but I wondered what other dominants might have done if they were in her place. During the course of the weekend I brought her to several orgasms on each of the three days I was there but was not permitted to orgasm once. I almost asked if I could on Sunday evening before she drifted off to sleep but knew the request was inappropriate. I love satisfying her. Love that I can last as long as she needs me inside her (usually) and that I find such enjoyment hearing her respond to my cock, touch or attention. My psyche has changed over time. A year ago I would have been left pouting because she climaxed and I didn't. Now I find emotional fulfillment when she does and usually (not always) am content knowing that I am here for her and not vice versa with respect to sexual fulfillment. I wonder if this change will continue to mature over the years ahead as my heart becomes increasingly more intune and dependent on her as the source of my satisfaction.
Ahh, the life of a sub - it's the best cause,
PS. I was informed late this afternoon that I am to be back in the CB6000. She is cracking down on me now that my life is settling down now that I am getting use to my new job and unpacked in a new apartment. Just when I was enjoying my freedom. Now this :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Mystery of Service Submission

I'm thowing this thought out for a response: In the D/s lifestyle do male submissives seek to serve because when they were young they were brought up to please their mother or other significant female in their life? Do male submissives enjoy pleasing and catering to their dominant partner because they have left home and now seek another female to please?
The desire to serve another by doing more rather than less goes against every instinct that humans have. In that light submission appears unnatural. By nature people chose to do less, not more. They enjoy relaxing, watching TV, going to a movie, going out to eat, taking a vacation, and other such events that require little effort or reduce the effort in ones' day. Individuals would much rather take the easy road than the hard one. So why on earth do men like myself like me ask a woman to dominate and cater to our desires to be service submissives? Why is it that we seek to do more rather than less? Why do we take the harder road and encourage our Domme to relax and enjoy life while we do 'her part' as well as ours? It makes no logical sense, yet there must be a reason. I can say without question that it pleases me when I serve, so much so that I want her to have me do more so she does less. But why? Is it because these tendencies were formed in our childhood BECAUSE we were taught to keep mom happy, or please mom? In my case I think it does, in part, but is it that way with you or your submissive (if you are a domme reading this)? If you don't agree with me, then why do you think you want to be a service submissive to your Domme?
I left Katie this morning and won't see her til Friday. I sent her an email requesting her to find ways to remind me this week that I am indeed her submissive and to assert her dominance even in my absense. I could have said nothing and enjoyed the few days we were apart but in reality, I wanted to send this request. I want her to tell me to do more, and to require me to show discipline in my life. To tempt me sexually yet restrict me from reaching orgasm. I ache for her to make my life more under her dominant hand. But why? Is it because this was how I was raised or is there more to it?
To those that have never posted, I would love to hear your response. You may not have an answer but your thoughts may be helpful to all.
Until Later
I'm Hers

Friday, August 12, 2011

Its been a while

To those of you that have read my blog, you would have noticed that it was shut down for a few months.  Much as changed in my life.  I changed jobs and moved closer to my Domme.  I had so much going on in my life for those few months with seeking work, finding a place to live, moving out, moving in, and then getting adjusted to new surroundings, new co-workers, and new ways of doing the 'same' things. I had no time for blogging.  But things are settling and life is good. I am now so much closer to Katie and that is a wonderful gift for me and for her. 

What I found interesting when I renewed my blog and took the time to read the posts from a few bloggers that I enjoy reading is the change in one's life over a period of time.  Reading a summers' worth of blogs is like reading ones' annual Christmas letter where one see an overview of a friends life over the past year.

One blogger has fallen significantly deeper into submission and under the firmer hand of his wife who seems to be asserting her dominance even more. I wish him well. Another has abandoned the D/s lifestyle for a time but recently rekindled their relationhip as Domme and sub. Others have changed very little. One seems to be still wanting more from his wife, others are happily content with life and simply write about those daily events and thoughts of their D/s marriage.

As for me, Katie is slowly ratcheting down the screws, ever so slightly. Of course I hope to be under her firmer controlling hand but that will be left for her to decide.  I can see that she is becoming more content as a Domme. She is more comfortable having me as her service submissive, no longer feeling guilty when I head to the kitchen for my hour or preparing, serving, and cleaning up after every meal.  She relaxes and waits for me to call her to the table or bring each meal to her.  Laundry and vacuuming and general house cleaning has become my permanent responsibility.  She now walks past items she'd normally pick up and leaves them for me to cart to where they need to be taken. I find that I long to hear her words asserting herself as my domme: Words like "pick up that box and put it in the pantry," or "Im going to relax while you make us dinner," or "Go make me breakfast and bring it to me in bed," or "Vacuum the rugs and mop the floors and keep yourself busy straightening the house while I go have a drink with my girlfriend."  I would love to hear those words of dominance. They push my submissive buttons.  

I'm sure that day will come as I can see her changing. She is becoming more comfortable in her Dominance and a confident woman is so sexy. Seeing her living as a Domme makes me proud. It draws me close to her. It fills some inner part of me that seeks to be associated with such a woman. I see Katie becoming that woman. She's not there yet, but she is further along the path than at the beginning of the year. Her love for me is without end but her attitude about who she is and who I am is becoming clearer.  Next step (I hope), verbalizing and asserting herself daily - reminding me that we are not equals but reminding her too, that she has the right to control my life as she chooses. I wonder if we will arrive at that juncture. What a wonderful step that would be.
Until later,