Friday, August 19, 2011

Additional Time Together

I found out late Wednesday that I would be able to get off work on Friday and so after finishing work late on Thursday evening I headed to Katie's place arriving a little after midnight.  After a bit of chatting we headed upstairs where I of course stripped naked and got in bed with her to watch some TV.  She had me fetch us a bottle of wine and wine glasses and we finished off a bottle before she asked me to give her her nightly massage.  Lathering her up with oil I massaged her for a good while. How nice it is to lay in the quiet of the night and hear her express just how much she enjoys being touched.  Typically Katie starts out laying on her side, then her other side and finally prone. Eventually I pleased her orally and when she had her fill she told me to 'come up'. Before we made love I asked if this was to be a night just to please her and she informed me it was. 

I fell asleep completely satisified.  Katie orgasmed several times, I none.  I massaged Katie for over an hour  while she had no obligation to massage me. I completed a few quick errands for her while she relaxed knowing I caring for her. Yet I was completely content as this is how we both now live - she enjoying my services and me enjoying my service to her.  The D/s life indeed is beautiful to experience and best of all, today is only Friday and we  have three more days together!

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  1. I am happy for both of you. And I hope there will be more this weekend.