Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facebook Quote #2

Here's another facebook comment addressed to women:

For all the young women just beginning life.....A woman would be much better off if she could determine the difference between a man that flatters her & a man that compliments her...a man that spends money on her & a man that invests in her...a man that views her as property & a man that views her properly...a man that lusts after her & a man that loves her...a man that believes he is Gods gift to women & a man that REMEMBERS a woman was God's gift to man....So choose WISELY!
I see quotes like this and can't help to think that this is how all men should be treating their woman.... and then taking care of them as they ought to be treated.  In many ways I see all women conveying qualities of the D/s lifestyle. They want to be loved, cherished, adored, respected, taken care of, worshipped? Life as 'vanilla' women seek is not that so far fetched from the service submission/dominance of many that live in what I they would call an alternative lifestyle.  They look at it as a kink but I see it as a way a man should treat the woman he loves.  His primary focus should be her, not his guy friends, or the sports he follows, or the book he's reading - that is unless he has permission to go there.
For the guy it is a tough decision to make.  Tonight I was just IMing another domme who had a potential sub read the book Uniquely Rika.  He decided it was too demanding and couldn't live that way.  If only he could. Yes his life would change dramatically but in so many positive ways. He'd learn so much about himself and learn to look at women so differently than he does now. I feel bad for him and feel bad for the woman that he could have served.  
Yes the lifestyle is more demanding for men that choose that path but in the end I see way more similarities than differences as both the quote from the woman above and the focus of the sub to his domme are very similar indeed. Don't you agree?
Just some food for thought on a Tuesday evening.
Till next time,
I'm -Hers

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