Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Facebook Statement

The other day Katie saw a post on Facebook that addressed how a man should treat a woman.  It received over 60 responses. Some responses were positive but most of the women that shared commented how far fetched and impossible this statement was. Many blasted men for being selfish and self centered.

When I read the quote the first thing I thought of was how that was exactly how a submissive man should treat his Domme.  Here's the quote:

HOW to TREAT A WOMAN: wine her dine her . call her. hold her. surprise her compliment her. smile at her. listen to her. cry with her. romance her. believe in her. cuddle with her. shop with her. give her jewelry. buy her flowers. hold her hand. write her love letters. go to the ends of the earth and back again for her !

I wonder what thoughts came to mind when you read this. Love to hear your thoughts.
I'm Hers!


  1. Well, René likes shopping better than I do and sometimes we spend so much time in shops that it starts getting on my nervers, so this one should be deleted.
    Besides, I hate jewelry, so delete this one, too. And I don't care for flowers either.

    Add: have sex with her (or is it implied in "cuddling"?)

    Otherwise: Yes, nice list, but very, very demanding. It might be a goal for a D/s relationship, and even there not a very realistic one, but for a vanilla relationship it is just an abstract ideal, especially since there would have to be an equally demanding list for the woman, and some of the items on the woman's list might be in conflict with some of the items on the man's list...

  2. Great list/note on how to treat a women or wife! I am going to print this one up and give it to my loved one. I don't buy jewelry but I have everything else covered plus some missing items, one of which Tamara pointed out.

    Not only is this list doable, its realistic, and that's coming from a guy that is in a semi-vanilla relationship, but I am working on that with a new commitment!

  3. Tamara and LoveWife,
    Thanks for commenting. What I liked the comment I posted was not the specifics of the comment but the intent and theme of it; that a husband should devote his entire being to his wife. The way I looked at that comment was not so much that "I" would do all of this, but that "I" would do whatever it is that she enjoys, loves and appreciates. And isn't that how all relationships should be regardless of whether they are D/s or 'vanilla'?

  4. No, actually I don't agree.
    Of course, both partners should try to make each other happy, but I think your stetement is too absolute. There are limits as to what people can do without compromising their own personality.
    Besides, some of the things two people "enjoy, love and appreciate" might be mutually exclusive.

    To illustrate it with an example: Do you think that AAT's wife is to be criticized for not denying him, even though it means so much to him and would make him so happy? Do you think she is selfish and self-centred?

    You may also want to read the following post and comments:

    Expanding on Susan's Pet's Tease & Deny Post

    I can subscribe to what AAT said there:
    "The only way that this type of relationship is going to work realistically is if the couple can find ways to please and satisfy each others needs and desires, that are both realistic and acceptable to each other."

    BTW: You don't seem to have an inner pigdog either...

  5. Tamara,
    I think we both agree and are saying the same thing. When I mention that a sub should do whatever his Domme loves, I assumed that there would first be an underlying agreement that the chore, act, or whatever you want to call it is not offensive to the other. However there are exceptions - here's one - Katie insists I consume anytime I orgasm. I don't enjoy it but I have agreed to her expectation because she is the dominant one AND because I know the act is not unhealthy. Now should she have a thing for scat, I would object because it is indeed unhealthy. If she was into yellow showers,I'd probably object too -eventhough urine is sterile - because I find that offensive and beyond my tolerance level.

    I think we are both agreeing however that submissives are there to please their Dominant partners - and if that relationship is indeed a loving one - vs scene play - then I do believe a sub should go out of his way to please his partner in whatever ways he feels she would love most.
    and btw.... I have no idea what an inner pigdog is lol Care to clue me in?