Thursday, August 18, 2011

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It is with Katie's permission that she allowed me to post a picture of her with my hands supporting her breasts.  The ring I am wearing is a ring she gave me - a ring of ownership - one signifying not only my submission to her but also that I am owned. It is not a ring of slavery but one expressing both her love as well as her dominance. As beautiful as she is outwardly, it is the person within that I love most. She is indeed my soulmate and I am the man that  has come into her life that she has always wanted. We fell in love as friends and only later did I ask her be the one to lead our relationship and allow me to submit to her.We are best friends and lovers. We live a normal life as far as our closest friends are aware yet they have seen glimpses of our personal D/s life. But I'm digressing so I will save future thoughts for later :)Until then,

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