Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Frustrated yet Pleased

After having to work a half-day on Labor Day I traveled to see Katie. We enjoyed a few hours together before going to one of her girlfriends for one of their monthly dinner parties with several others in which we all bring a dish and enjoy a few hours together socializing. We left that party and headed to her place and watched a bit of TV. While watching I texted her "I'd sure love to massage that pretty body of yours" to which she responded by shutting the TV off and readied herself for bed. I finished folding the laundry, cleaning up vomit from the cat, straightening the kitchen and a completing few other small chores before joining her. Stripping naked I climbed in bed with her where I began one of the favorite parts of our day - massaging her body. Eventually she had enough and we watched a bit of TV while snuggled tightly together. During that time she caressed my chest, abs and genitals quickly getting me hard. This continued for many minutes. Even after the TV went off she continued to keep me aroused - causing me to twitch, sigh and pulling her in close as those feelings of arousal took over. I asked her if she enjoyed doing this to me and she replied "yes". I kept thinking to myself that this would soon culminate with her telling me to make love with her but eventually she turned away and went to sleep. Having kept me aroused for well over a half-hour she left me wanting.

What was so frustrating this time was that this was not her typical behavior. Usually when she touches me, we enjoy a deeper intimacy of making love at some point but this wasn't to be tonight. She was fully content to have enjoyed touching my body and having me massage her for nearly an hour prior. She fell asleep pleased and content while I was left aroused and wanting. I woke twice during the night - each time noticing I was erect. I don't know if I slept that way or if it was coincidental that my arousal returned just as I regained consciousness. By morning I was ready for more but she wasn't. Her stomach was somewhat unsettled but I found myself pursuing her sexually - wanting to cuddle, wanting to be close, wanting to touch her. She had turned on a switch within that I had a hard time controlling. I wanted her.
I left for work later that morning. Talking on the phone as I headed back, I told her what her touching did to me emotionally and mentally. I told her how much I enjoyed it but how frustrated if left me. She responded coyly mentioning that she didn't need to touch me if I didn't want to to which I adamently admitted I hoped she would continue this practice. What I experienced the evening before was new. She had never touched me like that - not for that length of time - not with the intent to have me reach orgasm - but rather just to enjoy the feel of my body in her hand and to know that she could control my emotions with such the flick of a finger or the squeeze of her hand. The touching she did was for her pleasure, not mine although it definitely felt wonderful.

I mentioned that this is what Rika spoke about regarding the woman's responsibility as a sub - to keep her man sexually tense. It really does work. That touch was wonderful yet it didnt' take me where I wanted to go. It got me going in 'that' direction but never to its final destination. And so I am left wanting more. I am left wanting her. I am left wondering when she will 'go there' again. I am left frustrated yet feeling so very pleased. It's one of the paradoxes of a D/s relationship that I love so very much and wanted to share with all.


  1. Hello I'm-hers, and a great new photo you have!

    The game you describe is fun and one of the first Mr. Elle asked me to play long before we ever had any formal arrangements. At the time, it was difficult to fit why he would enjoy being denied into my little brain but now it seems very natural.

  2. Ms Elle, How nice for you to comment. It's been so long since I've heard from you. The game is wonderful indeed. The question I would ask you as a woman is what is in it for you? Power? Control? Tease? why do you enjoy it so much?
    Thanks for commenting