Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Kneel, A Word and Denied

The other day Katie and I were shopping at Best Buy.  While in one of the main isles she stopped, extended her foot, and commented "my shoe is untied". Without a second thought I knelt and tended to her. I stood and we continued shopping as if nothing had happened. Sometime later I made a comment on what she had done and she simply stated, "Well, I didn't want to bend down to tie it and I knew you were there to do it for me."

When I call Katie now, her greeting has changed. For months and months, her response was 'Hey'. Now, it is more often than not, 'Hello sub'.

The other night I dare say we had some of the best sex we've ever had. She was on top . I was on top. She stood. She and I were both on our sides facing one another and then she facing away. I treated her to orals multiple times. We kissed and held. We tried new positions. This lasted for at least two hours and during that time I am sure she experienced twenty orgasms - and that is probably a conservative estimate. Me? Well I was permitted to get close on several occasions and I know she enjoyed hearing me near the end but that was as far as I got - close.  I was left wanting but that was how she wanted it apparently. 

Did I enjoy it? Oh yes. Like nothing I've ever experienced. Was my purpose to be her lover? Yes it was. Did she want me to enjoy her? Of course she did. But did she want to tease and deny? I think the answer to that is quite apparent.

Katie is changing. By nature she is a very mild-mannered, quiet, reserved woman (with a strong sex drive :). To all of her friends, and to me, she is still the same Katie I first met, yet with me she is different.  The change began when I asked her to become the dominant one, and the change in her attitude, confidence, and comfort level with being the dominant one continues to change as we venture along the D/s path.

I love these changes. I love seeing the confidence grow inside as she realizes more and more that she doesn't need to do mundane chores when I am there to do them for her. I love the simple "Hello sub" that reiterates to her and to me that we are not on equal grounds even though we relate that way to one another in so many aspects of our lives. I love that she can be completely comfortable when we are intimate to enjoy me and my body yet know that denying me, makes me a better lover and heightens my desire to please her.


  1. Wonderful. Congratulations.


  2. These changes are exciting indeed! Love the store mental picture, too... Congratulations on serving Katie!