Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Demonstrating Adoration

By nature, one of the core expectations of a submissive is the demonstration of adoration toward his dominant partner. A core function of the submissive is the relinguishing of self-status and expressing a desire for the woman to be dominant, superior, in-charge, and in essence, more important than ones' self.
I spent a bit of time thinking about this during the past week or so and wrote down thoughts as they came to mind as to how I can demonstrate Katie's superiority over me by showing her adoration.  I'm sure the below list could be lenthened quite a bit more but here are some ways that I feel that I can demonstrate the fact that she is the one that owns me by expressing adoration and in the process, demonstrate to her in tangible ways that I am hers - ready and willing to please in innumerable ways.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. Enjoy.
  • Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers - purchased, picked fresh from a field or even just a single stem rose.
  • Unexpectedly surprise her at work, at home, or at some time when she knows you made a special effort just to see her - even if it is just for a few minutes.
  • Give her a body massage or sit at her feet and massage her while she relaxes, watches TV or converses with you.
  • Give her a kiss just because you know she will love you kissing her
  • Give her a kiss on the back of the head while waiting in line at a check out.
  • Tell her she looks beautiful, that you love her, or that you are hers, especially around others that could hear. A nice time to do this might be while in a department store, while at a resturant, while having a drink or while out with others.
  • Spontaneously take her out for a meal, or plan ahead and let her know that you want to take her out.
  • Ask her if you can get her a glass of wine.
  • Sit on the deck and talk by candlelight. Pull up your chair to face her and thereby let her know that you are fully devoting your attention on her. Place a leg on her chair so she can touch it if she is one that enjoys that - something I know Katie enjoys doing.
  • Sit or kneel behind her and give her a neck massage while she watches TV or comb her hair.
  • Be intentional about holding her hand, walking with your arm around her, or offering your arm for her to hold while out in public.
  • Carry her purse.
  • Push the shopping cart.
  • Apply cologne just to make your scent more attractive to her.
  • Get her towel ready prior to her showering. Wait for her to get out and wrap it around her.
  • Offer to shave and/or bathe her if that is something she would enjoy.
  • Fix her a meal in bed.
Of course, cooking, cleaning, and continuing to do house/lawn chores are all ways that adoration is expressed.


  1. Very good suggestions. Some I've been doing, some not. As my wife as of now is just starting to discover her dominant position, she will often say things like, "I'm going to clean the bathroom today". So, I'll quickly interject that I'll take care of it for her. She seems to be getting used to it, perhaps even knowing I will do it for her, which I hope feeds her dominance. She has made so much progress on controlling my orgasms, I'm happy to see her also learning to be the dominant spouse in the household, too.

  2. LH,
    May I suggest that you submit to your wife a list of things you'd like to do for her. That way she can look over the list and agree or disagree on what you have suggested. This may also allow the two of you to have a discussion regarding other items she may enjoy having you do on her behalf that you have not thought of as of yet. Katie still does more than I wish she would and I also find myself saying the same thing you say. I have enjoyed having you comment. Thanks LH!