Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feeling Proud

I've been thinking about how I feel when with Katie. The word that keeps coming to mind is "proud". I wonder if other subs also have this same feeling. Here's some examples that have triggered that feeling:

1. I was standing listening to a band one summers' eve. I had my arm around her neck hugging her tightly. I felt honored and proud to be with her and loved showing public affection knowing others were watching.

2. One evening Katie hosted a party for about ten friends. At one point I started to sit in a chair not near her and she said for all to hear "don't you dare even think about sitting there!" I stopped instantly just as I was about to recline and suddenly stood. I apologized in front of all and moved to sit at her side where I should have sat in the first place. She pushed my submissive button, and although others didn't know how we relate, they definitely reacted in surprise - just as I did. Nevertheless, I was so proud to be next to her the entire night and in hindsight what she did made me proud that others knew that I was hers.

3 A month or so later Katie hosted another dinner event on a hot, hot evening this past summer. We stayed inside enjoying the company of one another. As the party wound down I began the process of cleaning up the mess while Katie talked with two men nearby. I was about finished with the dishes and cleaning of the counter when one of the men said to me, "you are going to make a woman a fine housewife someday". I smiled, not saying much but felt proud to be known as Katie's sub - the one that other's noticed I did her dishes.

4. At a wedding reception, I had a bit too much to drink and doted on Katie. She looked beautiful and as we talked with three of her single girlfriends I let them know through my actions that I was her man. I felt proud to touch her, embrace her, and keep her close beside me while interacting with them. One asked if I had any bachelor friends. The question implying they liked the way I treated Katie which made me smile.

Being her submissive in so many ways brings out those feelings of appreciation, gratitude, and a general sense of pleasure as being known as 'hers'.


  1. I had a similar feeling recently. My wife and I had been in an FLR for about 15 months when she suddenly told me that her friend at work didn't agree with it. I had no idea that she had told anybody and I always thought that I would be embarrassed if she told anybody. But I was awash with pride as she told me that she had told all her work friends about it.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I really want others to know that I'm hers, that she owns me. that I am there to serve her. I see nothing wrong with others knowing that a guy will actually be a 'knight' to the 'queen' he loves. Thanks for sharing. Stop back again and be an active blogger :)

  3. I'll try, but I am afraid any blog I start will be similar to all those dead blogs that infest my own reader.

    like I said, I thought that if my wife told anybody we were in an FLR it would be deeply embarrassing, especially this particular colleague, who live in a traditional male centric relationship. I asked my wife that if she told anybody not to let me know as it would be awkward. I guess she forgot, but after my reaction of pride, I am now looking forward to seeing those friends again, maybe even getting into a conversation.

    It's also telling that in that "traditional" couple the husband is in the military and just came back after 6 months in Afghanistan, and the wife told my wife that she can't wait for him to be redeployed again. I don't think my wife would have the same feeling after 18 months in an FLR.

  4. Games,
    I promise to not let this blog die for awhile. I find the writing therapeutic and in a sense a documentary that I can read back on with respect to where I am an my thoughts in the past.

    I agree, that any wife that leads a FLR would never want their husband gone for long as they would now have to assume the duties of the submissive spouse. I wonder, and I wonder if you you've ever asked, just how many others your wife has told about your 'living arrangement/agreement'? You wouldn't need to be told 'who' but wouldn't knowing 'how many' be interesting to find out?