Sunday, October 23, 2011

Powerful Words - necessary words

A comment by All Hers posted on Worshiping Your Wife states....
Every morning I get up shortly before my wife. I am in the kitchen preparing coffee, washing fruit, etc. when she walks in, still in her little teddy or short nightie. Immediately we hug .... Then I get down on both knees and place four kisses on her pussy saying, "today I will adore you( kiss), worship you (kiss) and obey you (kiss). I love you".(kiss) Then I get up and go back to work. She smiles and says she loves me so much. It just can't get any better than that.

I loved reading those words!  How powerful rituals are. The Bible says - where your mind is, there will your heart be also.  How true!  Focus, preoccupation, meditation, concentration on one's Domme - when done many times throughout the day for many days is a powerful method of altering ones attitude and thought processes. Done daily these actions become rituals and rituals have the effect of causing change within. I guess you could call it Behavioral Modification. All Her's is in the habit of worshiping his wife each morning. He is in the habit of submitting to her when he first sees her while preparing her breakfast. The ritual of kneeling and saying those words every morning is a constant reminder to both Domme and sub of who is in charge, what his role is and who she is relative to him.

The other day Katie and I were texting and we too came up with a 'charge' that I am to say the first thing each morning.  I asked her if she wanted me on my knees but told me that wasn't necessary.  The words I say are: "I love you Katie. I am your sub and I promise to love you, adore you and obey you today."

It takes but a few seconds to say but I feel that saying those simple words help me to remember that I am #2 and she is #1.  I'm the submissive. She's the dominant. My role is service. Her role is enjoyment of my service. Stating those words audibly while hugging her tight each morning makes the statement even more powerful as it is brought to the conscious.  Saying something takes more effort than assuming something.  Kathy asked her readers if they had the courage to say to their dominant partners "I am your slave." The spoken word reinforces submission. As subs, maybe the lesson to be taken here is that all of us in this position should get in the habit of reminding our Mistresses daily that we love them and we are here to serve them. The very thought arouses me as I write.

I wonder if you too have similar verses, words or charges that you say to your Mistress? I hope so.


  1. "The ritual of kneeling and saying those words every morning is a constant reminder to both Domme and sub of who is in charge"

    From our own experience with two rituals quite comparable to the named one many years ago, I'd like to add for consideration that such a ritual, especially if it is done daily, sooner or later is very likele to become just an empty gesture with empty words.

    It is done, because it has to be done, regardless your personal feelings or mood at this specific time.

    If you say such powerful words every day at a specified time — not because you actually *want* to say them and really *mean* them, but because you have to say them in the shape of a 'routine' — they'll eventually lose their strong meaning, and finally any meaning at all.

    As for us, when we realized that our rituals turned into something like a 'duty', we abandoned them.


  2. Rene,
    Thanks for sharing. I am finding that what you have to say is very true. Specifically that the act of saying the words I posted sometimes seem forced; that they don't seem sincere; that they lose some of their meaning just because they aren't spontaneous. The acts of submitting; the simple deeds I do on her behalf are much more powerful and tangible ways of demonstrating that I am indeed hers.

    I'm learning to say the least :)