Saturday, November 12, 2011

Update on Chastity

After a year in and out of the CB6000 the plastic finally bit the dust.  One of the two small holes in the retaining ring through which the plastic pins insert broke leaving the ring non-functional.  I asked Katie if she wanted me to spend the $20 to replace it but she told me to wait.  I've been free now for almost three weeks but have only been permitted release once, and that only because I pushed myself too close while we were intimate last week.

Katie and I have discussed the option of moving from plastic to metal off and on for quite some time and a few days after the 6000 broke she informed me to purchase such a device, which I did later that day.  All along, her desire was to put me into a chastity cage that allowed more air and ease of cleaning than the plastic tube. She also is fond of the look of a steel cage enclosing a man's penis. The other selling point was that she wants me encased in a more compact tube that is less revealing. After reading articles from the links below I purchased a Jailbird from maturemetal with only a 2" steel tube. There are excellent articles for those interested in pursuing small steel chastity cages at these links: 1  2.

So, I've been waiting with a mixture of anticipation and apprehension for the arrival of the steel cage.  What I've noticed during the past few months when we are intimately close is a decreased desire on her part to make sure I orgasm frequently.  It's as if our love-making has really become all about me pleasing her but also ensuring that she brings me to the very edge of orgasm and then keeps me there for many minutes before telling me she's enjoyed me enough for now. Katie's told me she likes the way I act when I'm denied. I guess I'm more doting and attentive. I believe she is correct. What I do know is that when left wanting I crave her. It's like I want to touch, hug, kiss and caress her throughout the day - all the time

I jokingly told her that maybe Christmas would be a nice time for the gift of release - never expecting her to agree.  Yet she did. As it appears - at least at the time of this writing - I will be denied for another six-weeks minimum.  When asked why she wants to deny me for a time significantly longer than she's ever done, she told me she wants to see what affect seven weeks of tease and denial has on me.  I will be venturing into the unknown. I've gone this length of time without release in the past but never while in a love relationship while being teased and especially never while being constantly allowed to please her sexually.  I guess I will write more about this over the Christmas holiday.

Only 43 days till Christmas.  The countdown til the big holiday will take on a whole new meaning.


  1. You are so lucky with a Wife like your Katie. I hope you'll post how you are experiencing the long denial.


  2. Sounds as though Christmas this year will bring you all sorts of cheer.

  3. I have heard good things about the MM products too. Enjoy.

    Maybe your christmas present will be a note indicating another month of chastity..


  4. SH,
    You scare me! I don't know if I am that strong but that is not my decision.
    I will keep you posted should my brain begin to hallucinate about the ole good life of freedom:)
    I'm hoping "she'll pop the cork" and let me celebrate the season with her!
    The more I think about it, the scarier your comment becomes :)

  5. Congratulations on your purchase of a Jailbird. I have the Queen's Keep which is similar (a Jailbird front and wider Watchful Mistress Back ring) and am very happy with it. I did a review on it in my September, 2011, blog entry at I think you might find it useful. Also, regarding your feelings and behavior when denied:

    "Katie's told me she likes the way I act when I'm denied. I guess I'm more doting and attentive. I believe she is correct. What I do know is that when left wanting I crave her. It's like I want to touch, hug, kiss and caress her throughout the day - all the time"

    You and Katie might enjoy reading my August, 2010, blog entry: "Male Chastity, Pleasure and Devotion - the Science Behind It." A lot of feelings you've experienced while in chastity will make more sense and it will give both of you some important information to consider when deciding how long you should go between orgasms.
    Look forward to your comments about the Jailbird once you receive and wear it a while. Coming (so to speak) from a CB plastic device, I think you will both be very happy with the change. My wife very much prefers the open design of the metal cage to the all enclosing plastic and it does have a much smaller profile.

  6. Kelmag,
    Thanks for commenting and I sure hope this is the final cage I purchase. I appreciated you sending me the link to the biology of chastity but I had already read, and in fact, copied and saved that post because I found it so fascinating to read. My personal thoughts is that going to longer term periods between orgasms is both an exciting but also a vulnerable place to go.

    My hunch is that she will have me locked during the day but will want the Jailbird off at nights as she is a woman that enjoys fondling me often as well as morning sex. For example, two days ago we made love in the morning and today she teased me until I had to tell her to stop - or else. So for me I dont see me being continuously locked between orgasms but in fact being intermittently locked and unlocked as she sees fit to enjoy me without the obsticle of the Jailbird to hinder her.

    I ordered the Jailbird on the 3rd of the month so it should be here shortly. Or so I assume.
    Thanks again for writing, Kelmag.

  7. IH,

    Like you, I am often left unlocked at night. My wife doesn't like the look and feel of the plastic cage. We have a new device on order, which we both think will be more attractive to her. I'll cover that in my blog after it arrives ;)

    That was a very good post. Extremely informative. Thanks for the work you put into it.

  8. Mr IH,

    To follow up on the comment over on my blog, I would have to assume that one day out of the clear blue sky, Kattie didn't say to you, go buy a metal chastity device. Would not you part in this change be considered topping from the bottom, as you suggest I too am doing? I personally do not think either is, but wanted to know your view.


  9. Kelmag, I look forward to reading your post on this topic.
    SH, no I don't think i topped when the chance came to go steel. I really wanted to stay with the 6000 because of the expense but all along Katie has been concerned with skin health/hygiene with me in the plastic 6000. She didn't decide as soon as the plastic retaining ring broke but waited a week before telling me to order the Jailbird. Sometime earlier she had me order the plastic sizing rings that MM offers so this has been something I knew I was going to end up in sooner or later. Not sure I answered your question or not but gave it my best attempt.

  10. Mr. IH,

    You did. Thank you.

    I have fielded criticism from folk on the internet about TFtB and many got hyper sensitive to almost any comment I made. I felt you may be falling into a similar category and was afraid I would loose you as a congenial peer. My requests to my wife are overt and follow the pattern Ms. Rika outlines. If she were standing in the room 24/7 I doubt there would be any basis for me TFtB. I guess it hurts a little when internet strangers constantly pester me about the issue. My apologies.


  11. SH,
    No, I wasn't at all trying to bother you and I sure do enjoy interacting with you so I'm sorry you took my comment that way. What I was wondering was more on the lines of 'do you feel as if you need more' because of trends I was perceiving in your writings. The comments in the past about cucking, the more recent comments about pain with the 6000 and now asking your wife to cause you pain. I ask almost rhetorically as I wonder too if that will be the path I walk. Remember, I'm still a newby at this and the path ahead is a bit of a blur, if you know what I mean. Enjoy your day

  12. The pain-to-pleasure thing is something that has developed over time with me. If my wife were sadistic and wanted to cause me pain for her enjoyment, I probably would have done so long ago. You may be the same. I do not know. Self discovery is a gift we each are given. I think there is a connection between the emotional maschochism of being cuckolded or force feminized or objectified & the physical maschochism. To me the two are all from the same submissive desire root.