Thursday, December 8, 2011

Youtube Sex

The number of viewers to this blog has jumped by leaps and bounds during the past few days and before I delve into my topic I wanted to welcome those that have ventured here for the first time.  Welcome!  A bit about me for those that are here for the first time:  I'm a middle aged guy and the content sub to a beautiful woman, Katie. She lovingly dominates me and it is my goal to serve her however I can as her submissive.  We are relatively new to this lifestyle, having only asked her if I could submit to her authority about 18 months ago.  We have followed the template of service submission that the book Uniquely Rika describes. My role is to cook, clean, and cater to her at all times. My role is to make her life more enjoyable and to enjoy me as she wishes. Since that beginning she has taken more control of me, especially in the area of my orgasm, having first put me into a CB6000 that I wore on and off until a month ago and then in to a Mature Metal Jailbird.  Her rule is: I am to be locked with away from her but unlocked while sleeping at night or during evenings at her desire if she wants to touch me while we sit and watch TV.  Her control of my orgasm has progressed from no control, to weekly to bi-monthly to suddenly complete denial for the past month and a half. I do not know when this period will end. I love Katie and will do anything and everything for her.  OK, enough about me. Feel free to read the very first few posts to get a better idea as to where and how we got into the D/s scene.
On to Youtube sex!!!  Let me preface this by saying Katie can have a high sex drive.  Second, she has a fantastic body and one that, even at her age draws the attention of men all the time. If I may digress - it ticks me off to see men stare at her when she catches their eye and I am with them.  I have learned to return their stare and put my arm around her neck pulling her in tight, just to let them know that she is mine - so to speak (even if I am her sub).  Well, one night last week we were laying in bed (me naked and she in her nightie) when one of these infomercials came on advertizing CDs of old songs.  I asked if she had heard of Dan Fogelberg and she couldn't remember his music so I brought up a song of his - Souvenirs - that I liked.  That lead us down memory lane where we listened to a few more oldies until Katie found a Prince song that is pretty hot. Off came her panties and on came the sex. The song ended and I took the liberty of finding another tune and back at it we went. Song n' sex. Song n' sex.  It was incredible. This went on for probably a half hour!!  What fun we had: Prince, Mary Jane Blige, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Lady Gaga.....  I never experienced something like this where we could just make love, feel wonderful, have fun, laugh, stop and start again. Well it lasted until I made the mistake of playing Captain and Tennille's Muskrat Love, just for fun.  She pushed me off of her and told me, "we aren't making love to that song!", and headed for the bathroom.  I giggled as the mood of that song was so different from that of the pulsating beat and words of the others we had chosen.  Well, all good things must come to an end but while it lasted it was great!!!  I highly advise it if you can get your partner/spouse to play along with just the two of you and a laptop in the bed.  Enjoy!

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  1. Love it!!
    Great song fest! Btw, another "Souvenirs" fan... brings me back, thanks!
    Prince is better to get punished by, though :)