Sunday, January 15, 2012


One doesn't have to read too many blogs to come across the topic of being teased.  And so I am curious.
How are you teased?
How often?
How long?

I'd love to hear feedback from those that tease as well as those that are the recipient of the tease.
Me, Katie usually teases me when we make love.  My role is pleasing her and denying myself.  It's almost a self inflicted tease as she knows how much I am enjoying myself when we are intimate.  I love pleasing her, she loves being pleased and I know she enjoys hearing me in a state of pleasurable-frustration as I work to please her but deny myself an orgasm. This topic has become a personal interest ever since she has told me that it could be a long while before she allows me the opportunity to orgasm.  I am finding that I want to feel that feeling of 'getting there', even though I know I'm not permitted to 'get there', if you know what I mean.

How is it that your Mistress teases you?


  1. A solid teasing is what gets me through periods of denial. Sure, I enjoy her orgasms vicariously, but without some sort of teasing I can quickly become depressed.

    There is irony in this. When we were dating, she was very inexperienced physically and wasn't that comfortable with it. She would tease me by gently stroking near my genitals and then she would ever so gently brush my cock or balls while going to the other side. She would do this repeatedly and I was always so frustrated. It WAS a tease. But I was a horny 20 year old and wanted release. I probably would jack off after our date due to the pent up frustration.

    She sometimes does this to me now, but due to her having control of my orgasms, I appreciate it far more. It is a way for her to be a loving caring wife and appease my submissive nature. I like it when she verbally teases me and boasts about the intensity of her orgasms and how she can have multiples and get them whenever she wants.

    Apart from that, she can use my lust for her own orgasms against me. She will masturbate using the vibrator but put some sort of obstacle up to prevent me from fully experiencing it, i.e., she will blindfold me, forbid me to touch her, things like that. And she will usually be extra loud and verbal or put her hips on my chest so I can feel her undulations. I always look forward to those teases!

    Oh, and she will sometimes allow penetration - and I get all her lovely juices on my cock, and then she tells me to stop. That is very intense as well!

    Great topic!

  2. Love to Submit,
    Thanks for posting. Lots of great ideas and little rituals that you two have. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi. I never knew you had a blog, I see you have mine listed in your blog roll - thanks for that, I will do the same for you!

    As for teasing, well... mostly it's either pre or post Mistress R's orgasm. There's nothing quite like having a silky, wet just-come pussy riding your cock and then just stop! But her tongue on my cockhead and those really light fingertip touches are killer too.

  4. RA, thanks for listing my blog on your site. Much appreciated as is your sharing of how you are teased. Sounds delicious!

  5. WOW she teases me so many ways. A nice long BJ yesterday while making sure I did not finish. She is so good at it too. Then she ruins it by hand some thing else she enjoys. A few strokes in the morning. Sex while she masturbates and I watch while locked up. We have regular intercourse where she cums multiple times while reminding me not to cumm, so HOTTT Reminding me we are on a 3 mo. period of denial longest before was four weeks. Starting fifth week today and tease is only way I can complete this denial session.

  6. Thanks for posting your thoughts Anonymous. Glad to hear how you are kept aroused yet denied. Hope you make it to 3 months :)