Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What Makes me Smile

Katie and I were watching the Golden Globe Awards on TV tonight when she told me she wanted me to make her a smoothie.  Her comment made me smile and as I gathered the ingredients to mix in the blender I thought I should write about those things in life that make me happy.  Maybe you can identify with some; maybe you will learn a little more about what makes me tick or pushes those buttons that bring joy to my life. 
  • Bringing Katie a meal and seeing that smile of appreciation lets me know I've pleased her and that makes me very happy indeed.
  • Laying in bed and holding her tight makes me proud. When I cuddle up behind her as I know she likes and I hear that quiet 'mmmm' I smile inside.
  • Having her cuddle behind me and kiss me once or twice on the back in the middle of the night, makes me smile and know that I am indeed loved.
  • Saying something that causes her to laugh uncontrollably doesn't happen often but when it does it is one of life's real treats.
  • Having her tell me what she wants, when I know in the past she would have phrased that command as a question, makes me smile cause I know she's making progress in being more comfortable as my Domme.
  • "Put on some oil", the statement she makes before we make love makes me smile indeed since things are about to get hot an heavy.
  • You can tell when a kiss ends; when the person you are kissing has had enough. But to kiss, and hold that kiss when you can feel her wanting to end it but persisting long past that ending point makes me smile. She knows I'm playing with her and that in itself is just fun to do.
  • Katie is quite ticklish and although she hates it when I do, there are times when I dig my fingers into her ribs and make her giggle. I love to hear that giggle even though I know the 'stop it' command is soon to follow.
  • Our routine each morning is that she showers while I make the bed, check her emails and tidy the room.  When I hear her exit the shower, it's my signal to quickly shower and shave my genitals. When she turns on the hairdryer I know she is drying her bangs I know I need to quickly finish.  I use her towel and step out of the shower always to find her at her vanity in front of her mirror.  I smile every morning as I dry off behind her.  I smile because I am being watched and admired. It's nice to know that she enjoys the sight of my body even as  a middle aged guy.
  • After drying, I dry blow-dry her hair while she puts on her make-up. I know she loves feeling my fingers and brush running through her hair as I tend to her. I always comb it and then kiss her on the side of the neck, telling her 'I love you'. I smile now, just thinking about that little routine that is so special each  and every morning.  
  • "I love you." Every time she says those words, I beam. Who wouldn't?
  • Presenting her with a dozen roses and seeing that I pleased her makes me smile.  It's been one of those little gifts I can give that I know she truly appreciates.
  • Massaging her body nightly is one of those treats she expects from me that she just loves.  Last night she told me I had 'magical hands'. I love touching her; partly because her body just feels good to touch, but mostly because I know how much she loves the fact that I am the one she has chosen to take care of her.
  • It's a two-hour drive from her place to work and although I have a place to stay close to work, I love it when I tell her that I'll be there tonight and can hear how pleased she is by the tone of her voice.  And when I walk in and find her either at the door, or already snuggled in bed, it's that smile, that feeling inside me, that tells me this was indeed the right choice I made in coming to see her when common sense would have had me stay home.
  • Today I left her home again and got a call. A wooden gate wouldn't shut and she decided to take apart the latch and move it. She called telling me a screw was stripped and she couldn't get it off. I told her to take a hammer and pound on the butt end of the screw driver to make an indent and the push in as hard as she could and carefully turn it. She called back to tell me she was successful. Now that made me smile bigtime. She could have had me do it but she chose to do it herself. I love it when she stretches herself outside her comfort zone. I love it when she does construction too! Its sexy.
I could write many more examples but will stop here.  If you are new to the D/s scene, know that there is so much more than spankings, dressing up like a woman, or being humiliated that makes the relationship with the woman that you serve so worthwhile.  I love being Katie's sub. My reasons are numerous but mostly it's because I have so many opportunities to make her smile and express my love and appreciation for the women she is. That love I feel from her from the deeds I do to make her life more enjoyable isn't because she did something for me..... yet in a way it is since every smile, hug, kiss, and feeling of appreciation for the work I do on her behalf is all that is needed in return. I feel very loved indeed. I am a lucky man.
I'm Hers!

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  1. Great post, the one about making her laugh uncontrolably... yeah I love that too.