Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wow! Who is she Becoming?

I left Katie's home and traveled the long road back to work knowing that I wouldn't be seeing her again until late Friday when I would once again be free for the weekend. While at work I texted Katie asking if I could remove the Jailbird in the morning to shower. She responded I could but only "to shave real well" before putting it back on again.
"So I can't take it off tonight to let 'him' stretch?


"Do you have any idea when you will be letting me cum again?"


"So it could be as long as this summer?" I asked, seriously doubting she'd leave me shackled that long.

"Yes" she responded, much to my dismay.

"A year? I asked, now in a bit more panic.

"Maybe not till our honeymoon"

I looked at that text dumbfounded. We had talked about getting married at the end of the year or early into the following and I had no idea that she'd want me to go without an orgasm for that long.

"Are you serious?"

No response for five minutes so I asked her again, "Are you serious?" Still no response so I repeated the question. Finally she replied, "On phone with friend".

I couldn't believe she'd ignore me so I asked once more, "Are you serious?"

"Yes" Those dreaded three letters was all she wrote. 

Then a moment later came another beep on my cell. I opened the text to read: "Aww, time flies" came her terse response. Was she serious, sympathetic or sarcastic. I couldn't tell.

"No more questions" came another text. I didn't text till I called her that evening.

Later on the phone she asked if I was upset with her. I told her I wasn't but was pouting a bit trying to wrap my brain about the possibility of being left that long without a release. Katie informed me it was only a possibility but one she is considering if leaving me in denial keeps me feeling especially close to her. She reminded me of my own words after she let me orgasm a little over a month ago, when I told her that I didn't feel as close and wanting to be near her, touching her, and desiring to care for her as much as I had for the week after she allowed me to orgasm. I reluctantly agreed that I did indeed feel that way and that there is this dichotomy in feelings now that I am being denied; part of me wants her to continue to deny me, but another wants to experience that feeling of climax even though I know there will be a dramatic reduction of passionate feelings after that momentary crest is breeched.

But a year? I couldn't help but think of the subtitle of the Male Chastity Blog "be careful what you wish for." How appropriate those words are now that she has gained a comfort level in my denial and the one-sided pleasure our relationship as taken a turn toward in the past several months.

I am starting day 32 as I write. I may be just 10% along the way till she allows me to experience the very thing I begged her to withhold just a few months previous. Never in my life did I think she'd enjoy the effects of my denial so much. Be careful men what you wish for. Your wife may just give it to you - and so much more than you ever dreamed. 

What's the take home message? Never doubt a woman to do that which you never, ever dreamed she had the strength to do. Well, it's bedtime and I will wake up to start day 33, a day in which I will ache to serve her just as I longed to do on day 32.

Till next time,


Post script: I sent a draft of this post in an email this morning to be approved by Katie as I always do.  I've had a day to ponder the texts of yesterday. My mind is peaceful. I realize that I don't have, nor do I want the power to decide. I want to serve her. I want to trust her.  I realize as I stepped back from the emotion of the possibility of not cumming for a year that her decision is based on keeping us close as a couple and keeping me especially close to her as the man she loves and enjoys.  I respect that. I respect her. I have come to see that her ways are best. She has always been a woman who makes wise decisions and does not rush into them as I would. So if it's a year, then it's a year. And if it is, it will be the best year of my life and one that I will learn much about myself and about her.  I can't wait to see her on Friday.


  1. Mr SH, Do I hear a tiny morsel of sarcasm in your comment? lol. I wonder in fact if this will be great for me. I really do. I say that because if the article I believe At All Times posted regarding hormonal changes with orgasm is correct, AND IF she decides to tease me to stimulate and elevate those horones I wonder if I will indeed be left wanting, and on a sexually charged high the entire time in denial. I don't know but it sure is a hope of mine.

  2. I'm both jealous and relieved that J isn't behaving like Katie!

  3. I can fully understand your shock and possible dismay at hearing just how long she can deny you. I would have a problem with that myself unless... I knew there would be LOTS of teasing while I was denied.

    I don't know how much or how often you are teased. Nor do I know if you are unlocked for any of the teasing, but it is my firm belief that the length of any denial should be directly proportionate to the amount and frequency of the teasing given.

    If you think about it, I am sure you will agree, being denied for a long time is much more bearable if there is a good amount of teasing... Even daily!

  4. Nemo,
    Katie's been under the weather for the past 10 days so there hasn't been much of any teasing at all. But she does unlock me whenever I am with her so I'm not locked except when away at work. Regardless, I agree with you and hope that she does decide to give me attention to make the wait both bearable and enjoyable. Can the two even go together? I am really wanting release but am doing my best to let her run the show.