Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Appropriate Role Reversal

 For the past few weeks, Katie and I have taken turns battling illness. She came down with flu-like/congestion and associated cough symptoms first, battling with it for at least 10 days.  No sooner had she somewhat recovered then I experienced what she had.  I spent several days alone and away, sleeping at all times except to work.  I awoke this past weekend and drove to her place not feeling so well.  What a great decision that was.  She babied me, cooked me meals, kept me hydrated and medicated, rubbed my back and generally just took great care of me.  It was really nice.  She just let me relax and rest or watch some TV as I wanted.  She took care of the chores in my stead and did so without thought of letting things go until I healed.

Only for a minute or two did I feel bad that I couldn't do my part as the submissive one.  But the thought didn't linger long.  I realized that life happens.  People suffer. Energy levels are what they are and as people we see that we can only do so much in certain circumstances - this being one of them.  How nice it is that two people can put aside their D/s roles (even though we thoroughly know they will return once health is restored) and just care for another as any compassionate person would.  And that is how she responded.  She kept me at rest and kept me cared for the entire weekend.  I left for work on Monday more refreshed and so glad I ad made the trip that Saturday afternoon to be with her.


  1. My wife is the same way. Just because she knows she is in charge, doesn't mean she doesn't want to take care of me when I'm sick. I guess that's just part of loving someone. Get well, my friend.