Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two weeks without the Jailbird!!

I mentioned in my last post that I had gotten sick.  Katie typically has me out of the steel Jailbird while with her so she has access to Her goods when she wants and that was the case two weekends ago when I was with her and ill.  However when I left that following Monday morning to head back to work and for the past 12 days I have been free of that steel menace.  To be honest, I was quite happy to be out of chastity as I just didn't want to deal with early morning erection discomfort while not feeling well.  Now that I am feeling better, and now that it has been so long since I've been locked, I have come to enjoy the freedom of being free.  I can say with complete honesty that I have not masturbated nor stimulated myself even once.  I've been good. Being ill has had a lot to do with that but even so, the past two years spent mostly under lock and key has done wonders for breaking the years-long habit of my past.  I just seem to have almost no interest in that behavior anymore unless I am doing it for Katie's pleasure - well, almost but not completely as I do enjoy 'that' feeling every so often.

I mentioned to Katie that I have been out of chastity the other day. She told me to enjoy my freedom cause things are about to change.  I fully expect her to lock me up this Monday but until then, well, I'm going to enjoy a weekend of access to her and hopefully have multiple times where we can share intimately. I feel for guys liked Locked Husband who has been locked all week with a woman that has had no interest in teasing her husband. I especially feel for Subservient Husband who was just informed that the earliest he's going to be permitted out will be in a years' time from his last orgasm.  Every relationship is different but I am thankful that Katie enjoys the feel of me inside her as well as inside her hand, even if she does not allow me to orgasm.

It's been since December 9th since I've last orgasmed and I have no idea when the next opportunity will be but at least I am teased and able to share intimately with the woman I so love and want to please. The other day we made love and she followed that with some intermittent stroking of my cock - arousing me till I started to tense and moan - then stopping for a bit, then starting once more and repeating the process.  She's getting better at teasing and I know she enjoys the control she has. She can make me erect in seconds now. She knows my sensitive areas. She knows how to arouse me with very little effort and I know she loves that she can manipulate my emotions at her whim.  It's nice knowing she can as I love the attention even if it never does go to the logical end that I wish it would go.  Maybe this weekend, now that we are both recuperated, we will enjoy the pleasures of sharing our bodies more than once, or twice, or thrice!   Regardless, as always,


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Yeah, not a great week for us. Lots of stress on many fronts. We did have a little time last night, which was nice, but other stressors are weighing us down. J's libido is very tied to her anxiety level...when she is anxious and stressed, her desire for sexual activity tends to plummet.

  2. You are lucky that your wife is happy to deny you but still wants you inside her and is happy to tease you on a regular basis. One of the things that most submissive men have to face up to, I am excluding you here, is the fact that even if their wives accpet a form of submission, they are more often than not it seems, still unlikely to encourage their husbands with regular arousal and seduction.

  3. It sounds like you probably have some great insight on the locked vs not locked chastity debate. My wife is very similar in that she likes the feeling of me inside her for at least a third of her orgasms. We are also fairly new to this - about 6 months - and she is pretty conservative so I have only mentioned the use of a device in a few fleeting semi-joking moments. I know that everyone is different but I am just curious what you would recommend for my situation. I certainly feel under her control knowing that I am not permitted to touch myself -and it is not easy but I have been able to obey that rule. At the same time I also think that the device itself may not only make me feel more controlled but also may add to her feelings of control. However it sounds like you are saying watch what you wish for?

  4. Anonymous,
    I'm glad you and your wife have chosen to try the D/s lifestyle and I hope that you two find it a way of living that brings closeness and intimacy to your relationship. As to the use of a chastity device, it's my opinion that wearing any type of chastity cage increases the awareness of the fact that your cock is under the control/ownership of your Domme. It also causes lifestyle changes that reinforce, for you, that you are not like every other man that you see as you won't be showering in public unless you wish to be discovered; you won't be using a urinal as it just doesn't work as well as sitting to urinate. You also will feel more submissive. You will feel the cage all the time. You will be aware that you just can't bump in to others because of what they will feel should you make contact with that part of your body. Yes, the cage changes things. Whether or not she locks you is another factor. I am caged but not locked. I am under an honor system and simply have a screw that keeps me contained. I can remove it whenever I wish but choose only to do so when she tells me I can. She also loves knowing that I am secured. It removes any threat of another woman in my life. It reinforces who she is in our relationship. And she likes knowing I'm locked and she likes the look of me when I am locked.

    The choice is ultimately up to your wife. I use to be locked a few days a week. Then whenever I was away at work. Now I maybe locked for a few days at a time and over the months I have found that she has grown more comfortable with having me locked. I wonder if the day will come when she will put a master lock on me - just because she can - and keep me that way for days at a time - especially if I have to travel and be away from her. So yes, be careful what you wish for but I will say that I do being locked and love the feel of knowing I am hers. Glad to chat more if you wish to do so