Monday, March 26, 2012

A Coming out?

Katie is having some work done on her home and hired Steve to do the work.  I had met him several times during the past few weeks as the three of us talked about what we needed, what I could do to ready the home for him, etc.  He is a good guy and one that loves to chat and speak his mind.

This afternoon he came to begin work and he worked until almost 9pm.  At about 5pm Katie wondered aloud to me if he was going to quit shortly since she was getting hungry.  "Do you want me to start dinner?" I asked.  She gave me the OK and off I went.  Steve happened to be working in the adjacent room and was in and out several times.  At one point he asked, "So you are the 'chef eh?"

"Yes I am," I replied as I smiled at his comment.

He watched as I put the meal together, offered Katie some wine while I was preparing our meal and watched me walk with plates in hand into the other room to eat.  I'm sure he couldn't help but wonder why Katie sat in the adjacent room watching TV while I worked for 30-40 minutes alone in the kitchen.  He didn't make any comments to us about that, but I'm certain he noticed.

Later, as I was washing the pots and pans he commented again, "you do it all now there, don't you?"
"I sure do," I responded once more smiling.

About an hour later I needed to get something in the dryer but the dryer was full so I stood in front of it and folded the clothes.  Steve happened to walk by and commented once again, "You know, if I knew you did wash, I would have brought my clothes over for you to do."

I laughed and made some smart remark but inside I couldn't help but think what he thought about the way Katie and I interacted.

He has several more days of work here and I am sure he will be asking more questions about what he had seen or what he may see when with us again.

I didn't come out. I didn't tell him I was Katie's sub.  I didn't need to.  However I was pleased that Steve noticed. It implied that this is not the way he and his wife interact at home - and that is OK.  I was glad that Steve saw that I do things for Katie and that Katie had no problem enjoying a glass of wine or some time relaxing in front of the TV while I did what was necessary at the time.

Steve is not the first person to notice we do things differently and I'm sure he is not the last.  What seems to be the trend are the comments made by the men and women.  Men make comments that indicate their surprise that I do housework and run the kitchen whereas women make comments indicating how lucky Katie is to have a man that treats her as I do and actually does cook and clean. One of these days a woman is going to start asking questions and my hope is that one of those conversations leads another wife to take charge of her man and assume the dominant figure.

I'm Hers


  1. "One of these days a woman is going to start asking questions and my hope is that one of those conversations leads another wife to take charge of her man and assume the dominant figure."
    Oh yes, keep on dreaming...
    Or do you really think it is so easy? Do you really think it could work with any couple?
    Let's assume there is a woman who sees you doing all the housework and who thinks to herself: It would be great if my husband did that, as well. - And then you are discussing the FLR lifestyle and she finds it great (at least the effect that she won't have to do any housework any longer) - But then? Just wanting it alone won't make it happen.

  2. I think he knew. At least from the account you gave. You may think it is a secret. The truth is it is not, but no one cares.


  3. SH, Maybe I'll have to help him and and 'accidently' bump the end of a 2x4 into his crotch too see if I hear something 'solid' when contact is made. Maybe he knows because he too is locked! lol

    Tamara, I do realize that just asking questions won't result in an immediate convert but seeds are planted in strange and seemingly uneventful ways and through circumstances that are often quite trite. I thoroughly enjoy being a sub. It has enriched our relationship and I would tend to think you would say the same concerning you and Rene. I am sure there are other couples out that that are clueless to the D/s lifestyle and would benefit from it. I also understand that this is not a good fit for all. So yes, I'm going to keep on dreaming...... :)

    1. I’m-Hers: Yes there may be a few unaware couples out there who might benefit from a D/s lifestyle and who might be inspired by watching you and Katie interact, but, to be honest, I don’t think the odds are good that you find one among your acquaintances (but maybe I’m just underestimating the number of people you know). – Take René and me. René considers himself to be moderately submissive, and yet doing chores does nothing for him. (I just wrote a blog entry on that and would appreciate your input there.) So why should any substantial number of men who don’t even think of themselves as submissive be willing to take over all the household work?

      So, you take your own experience (it works for you) as the basis of your extrapolation, and I take mine (it doesn’t really work for us). – No wonder we come to very different conclusions.

    2. Tamara,
      I wrote what I did in that post because of my personal experience with finding D/s. I was doing inward searching into a failed marriage. I was self evaluating my own life and one in which I was criticized for being controlling and not giving her the freedom that she wanted. Although we tried for years to remedy our problems without success I still wanted to understand how I could keep this and other aspects of 'me' from hindering any future relationship. It was a happened chance onto a website while I was doing some 'google' research that started me down this road.

      In hindsight it was the best thing that ever happened to me. But my point is that it was a chance viewing of a page on a way of life I had no idea ever existed. And I will comment on your page. Thanks for the bantering. It makes for good mental exercise - at least on my part.

  4. Interesting post, I wonder, did it increase your sex drive at all to know you were kinda of found out by this man?

    1. No it didn't Miss Christina. Rather I just found his comments as being one's in which he obviously saw actions on my part that didn't fit with his view of what was normal for a guy around the house.

      Today I saw Steve again and he told me he was going to bring his wash over for me to do. We laughed and I told him it needed to be Saturday afternoon since that was my wash day. Tomorrow he will be working and I intend to text him telling him that Katie loves it when a man makes her lunch. I just wish I could see his reaction when he reads that text at about 11:30am. I'll take his comments but I thoroughly enjoy dishing it out as well. All in fun of course. :)

  5. Wow, very interesting. Did anything else come up with Steve's comments, or has it stopped (well, paused)?
    I'll assume when you hit with with the 2x4 nothing hard clicked :)