Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pleasing a Woman Orally

I love when Katie tells me to go down on her.  I love it when I am aggressive and push her down and lick her until she has had so many orgasms she can't take another. I think it is so hot when she mounts my face and tells me to lick her.  Yes, I love oral sex. I mean I just love it. Tonight for some reason I was thinking about this and began to ask myself ‘why’.  Why is it that men love to please a woman orally? I mean, it’s not like the tongue is a sensitive body part like a man’s penis. There is no sensation derived with licking the vagina of a woman. The pleasure is one-way, meaning; she is receiving all of the pleasure. That’s why women enjoy the attention of a man. He makes her feel good.  I know that but why is it that I love going down on her?

To me the answer is simple. Its about giving. It's about wanting to please her. It's about wanting so bad to satisfy her. It is similar to the act of bringing her to orgasm by stimulating her with a finger. It's about love. I believe (for me) that it's because I am a submissive man and this is an extension of who I am as a submissive. I would go so far to say that all men that enjoy licking a woman’s pussy have these same submissive qualities, at least to some degree.  Giving orally is a submissive act. The very position the man beneath or under a woman is that of a submissive expression. When a man is ordered, or offers to please a woman in this manner, he expresses those submissive inner traits. 
I love licking Katie because I receive pleasure  but not in the same way that she is experiencing. The pleasure that I feel is multifaceted. Being between her legs and surrounded by her body elicits a feeling of safety. I am surrounded by my Domme and that is a comforting place to be. Being between her legs is a place of visual pleasure; it's a place where I can watch her enjoy the gift of my tongue. Most importantly being there is one of the most precious gifts I can give her; something that she truly treasures - my complete devotion and affection. It’s a place where I can adore and look at the beautiful body before me and that gives me much pleasure. I love the taste of Katie as much as I love the feel of her soft skin against my tongue.  It’s a place where I can gently or aggressively lick her most intimate parts. It’s a place where I can feel her passion. It’s a place where I can wrap my arms around her legs and hold her close as I touch her in ways that stimulate her to feel feelings of intimacy that are truly tender, and are only shared by the two of us. She gives me so much in return for the simple gift I give her.
Oral sex is such a special part of our relationship. It’s one of the most intimate ways that a couple can share. I wish that Katie would have me please her in this way all the time but she chooses to do so often for some days and then not at all for other days. My role, which I am learning to accept increasingly more is to comply with her wishes. My life is one of giving and in doing so I receive so much more. There is a great dichotomy in the submissive lifestyle in which it often appears to the person observing from the outside that the pleasure is all one-way, when in fact it is very much a two-way gift that each gives to one another.  Giving to her orally is one such paradox. It looks one-sided yet it is very much a gift that she gives me while I give to her.

I’m Hers


  1. Well written. I too love cunnilingus, for many of the reasons you describe. My success rate in bringing her to orgasm isn't 100%, unfortunately. But when I do bring her to the promised land, I feel manly, virile. Not in a "conquering" sort of way but rather in a "I am good, useful sex partner for my sexy goddess" sort of way. There is definitely a male ego component to it for me.

    I do believe that oral sex is the most intimate of sex acts. I also love how it is completely centered on female pleasure. We occasionally verbalize that "sex is for the wife's pleasure". I am usually erect when I go down on her, but that has more to do with the mental aspects of the act than anything else. Performing a '69', where male and female are simultaneously pleasured, is not something she likes, since it distracts from the focus on her pleasure. For reasons not entirely clear to me, she is reluctant to "queen" me like in the lower photo. But that really cranks up the submission aspect for me. I hope we can do that more.

    I would also emphasize that her scent and taste is arousing to me, as long as its not right before or right after her period. The raw sexualness of her juices, and knowing that she is well-lubed and ready to accept a cock (but most likely will not) is highly erotic too.

    For us, too, it is one-sided. I used to get a 'blowie' on my birthday and our anniversary, but she didn't give it to me this year. She will occasionally get inspired to slip my cock in her mouth very briefly as a tease. Female sexuality is more sophisticated, in my view. When she climaxes, there is no mess to clean up and we can immediately cuddle each other and discuss how pleasurable the experience was for her. She normally falls right to sleep, with my cock firmly pressing against her. She unfortunately will not kiss me after the act. I love I can retain the residual smell on my finger the next morning. A reminder of her powerful sexuality.


  2. "Giving orally is a submissive act. The very position the man beneath or under a woman is that of a submissive expression."

    I think you got carried away a little.

    Inherently, going down on someone is neither dominant nor submissive. - Of course, you can put it in any context you like: vanilla, submissive, dominant. It depends on how you do it and - even more - on your own attitude towards it.

    Just imagine a blindfolded woman tied spreadeagle to a bed - being edged over and over again by her dom's tongue. - Can you imagine how powerful and in control that dom feels. He can make her squirm and moan and whimper. He is in full control over her body. He can torture her with his tongue. He decides whether she will come or not. He can concentrate fully on her reactions without fear that his own orgasm might come in the way.

    When I go down on René, I don't feel submissive. I like the taste of his cock. I like feeling it in my mouth. I like kissing. Kissing him all over his body. And sucking his dick, too. - Sometimes, I just do it in a vanilla setting. Sometimes during a kinky play where I am in control. - But in either case it's not a mere one-way street. I enjoy it too. - It doesn't really arouse me, I would never come through it. But I enjoy it. Just like I enjoy kissing and fondling his body.

  3. "What I think is "holy shit is this hot!" I notice the varieties in taste during certain parts of a girl's cycle. It tastes sort of tart right after her period ends, gets musky around ovulation and then has full blown feminine sex scent right before her period. I loved doing it from the first time I tried it. In fact, I came without touching myself the first time I went down on a girl. There is no learning to like it. Heck, it puts me even closer to pussy than fucking does. How could a guy who likes girls possibly not like it. Overall it's my favorite sexual experience. You don't have the pressure of "fuck if I get too into this I'm going to cum too soon and disappoint her but if I hold off and take forever to cum I'm going to end up boring her/making her sore/making her think I'm not that into it" that you get from intercourse. You just to get to dive into the best smell and taste in the world and be there until you see, feel, hear and taste her having an orgasm. It's a powerful feeling. I think oral sex is awesome and the best form of contraception mankind has ever come up with. Same great orgasms, no risk of changing diapers down the line."

  4. Great post! Performing oral sex on J is so exciting for me, and is typically the way she achieves orgasm. She never has an orgasm from penetration, which makes oral all the more intense for both of us. Being between her legs giving her that pleasure brings me to some of the most satisfying moments in the boudoir. Seems I am not alone!

  5. Tamara,
    I smiled when I saw that you commented and said to myself "she's going to tear this post apart" lol. Thanks for commenting. I wrote another post that I haven't put up yet on when dominant women go down on their subs. I knew that comments like yours were coming and I agree that it has to do with perspective. For me as a submissive man, my perspective really is giving, serving, and taking the role of the lesser person when in the company of Katie. I agree that a male Dom can do exactly what you described and remain the Dom because he is in control. That is just not who I am and so I tried to personalize my comment, although I do think that when any man goes down on a woman with the intent to please (rather than tease, torment or control) I feel that the act is one of submission since the man is putting himself second to her. Thanks so much for taking the time to write.

    LTS and Locked Husband, Thanks for you comments. Katie is post menopause so she no longer has those tastes and smells that LTS describes. I do remember those days however and do agree that the added sensations of taste and smell add to the enjoyment one experiences. LH, I agree, being between a woman's legs and bringing her the satisfaction she desires is the best.

  6. I am coming from the same perspective as you, Tamara has a good point though.

    When I go down on my wife, to me, it's a submissive act. When she goes down on me, she feels fully in control and completely confident in what she is doing to me.

    To prove she was in control the other night, while I played with her pussy she kept herself from getting wet. It wasn't until I went down on her shortly after, that she let me enjoy her taste. If she were to go down on me, there is no control on my part. I'm hard and eventually cumming.