Wednesday, March 21, 2012

She let me Cum!

I had it all wrong. She told me she had a date in her head when my period of denial would end a few weeks ago. Easter?  Couldn't be.....  Mothers Day?  Naw, that's for moms and kids and husbands to honor her. The anniversary of when we met?  That was it. It had to be. But I was wrong.  For some reason it was the first day of spring; a date she told me she picked for some reason a few months ago. I was informed an hour before we went to bed. And when we did slide between the sheets on a stormy night we made love. And I came. It was, well, it was nice.  OK, it was great!  And then I did what I always must do. I slid down between her legs and licked her to several more orgasms and consumed the ejaculate I had left behind.  I have no choice as it's what she expects. I have not had that taste in my mouth for some time and can't say if that is a good or bad thing :) 

It was 101 days since I last came on December 9. I never thought I'd write that number down.  I wonder what is in store next.  I know that Katie loves me cumming inside her. She loves it lots!  But does she love denying me more?  Only time will tell.
I'm Hers


  1. I found your blog a couple of day ago a have read most to the post to this point. Your blog helps me out alot, I had a talk with my wife a little over a month ago about becoming a femdom. Your blog has to this point been the most insightfull. Keep up the good work.


  2. Wow, 101 days! Must've been quite the orgasm!

  3. Congrats, such a nice long time to be without cumming and I bet it was a really magical moment. can't wait to see how long she makes you go next time.

  4. Anonymous, I am glad you are finding what is posted worth reading. Feel free to comment often and share your thoughts. Responses by others are good for all of us to read and consider.

    LH, Yes it was quite nice. Felt a bit awkward having been so close for so many times only to stop myself short of completion. But to know that 'this' time was time to just enjoy and let go was very very nice indeed.

    Miss Christina, It was a night of anticipation indeed as she told me this would be the night a few hours before we headed to bed. I did ask her how long the next period of denial would be but in typical Katie style she told me she has no idea. It could be a week I(which I doubt) or four or more months - which I suspect.
    Time will tell.