Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Position Reversal

When Katie and I make love it is the best. When it happens it’s on her cue. When it happens it is done to her liking. When we do it lasts until she is ready to stop and not a moment before. She is in total control of our time and has been for some time, but one thing has changed over the months. I’d say that more times than not when we first started on this D/s venture she was on the bottom and I on the top.  But I’ve noticed changes, specifically that she is no longer in the passive bottom position.  For several months she’s enjoyed making love side by side, a position that I find very stimulating and the most difficult in maintaining self control when we make love for extended periods.  Within the last month or so she's moved to enjoy life at the top. She’s been mounting me and laying on my chest with both her knees and hips flexed or in a traditional ‘reverse’ missionary position. It's her position of preference, followed by side lying and then missionary.  But regardless of how we make love there has always been one constant. She expects me to be the one moving and pleasuring her.  If she moves, well, that's up to her but she expects me to move and often remains relatively still and enjoys the feelings of me moving inside her.  It is an incredible experience, like none I've ever had before. I can feel her weight. I can hear her every breath as her face is buried next to mine. I have complete access to touch her delicious body. I wouldn't want it any other way.

The position in which we make love is not the issue nor the concern as it is always a time of incredible intimacy and satisfaction – even while being denied.  What I love watching the evolution of a quiet traditional woman’s confidence in bedroom blossom. She knows what she wants and now she gets what she wants. When she wants me she tells me so. When she wants to deny me she does so without hesitation. When I ask if I can orgasm she has no problem in telling me what she wants at the moment.  When she wants me locked she expresses her thoughts.  So much has changed and in the area of controlling our sex life and my orgasms she has become quite comfortable.  I am finding this pattern now the norm and it’s one of the appealing qualities of our D/s relationship that draws me close to her.


  1. I strongly prefer woman on top for sex. I have by far the most endurance, and it is the only position that my Queen can climax from my cock alone. I love how she uses my body for her pleasure, placing her body weight on my chest as she controls the penetration.

    Totally with you with confidence. Female confidence is intoxicatingly sexy. In the past, if she didn't come, it was fine with her. But now, that is the main event of our lovemaking, and she comes first. It is sexy when she directs the action and tells me what to do (although, I think she's still not totally comfortable with that).


  2. LTSubmit, Thanks for the post comment. Yes confidence and control combined with lovemaking is indeed intoxicating. I do agree with all you said and it seems as if what happens behind closed doors in your relationship is similar to what happens in mind. You are a lucky man indeed. Enjoy the day.

  3. This is such a loving and revealing post. I can sense the love. As long as you keep moving. ;)

    1. SS, You do have a bit of wit in your writing. Yes, I'll keep on moving. lol. Thanks for commenting