Saturday, April 28, 2012

Submissive Habit: Chastity

I don't know how many men in the world walk around with their penis encased in some type of plastic or steel container. I can't imagine there are many.  When Katie first had me locked it changed my life when it came to feeling submissive. I couldn't pee standing. I couldn't shower after working out in the gym or other public showering facility.  I had to be careful about how tight I wore my pants knowing my 'package' might show.  I took more care in making sure I didn't bump into others with my groin. I didn't dare go into Federal buildings, through airport security or large sporting events that used metal detectors. That one small item that was  secured around my cock and balls made me so aware of my surroundings and placed several limitations on my life now that the woman I loved hat taken ownership of my genitals.

Beyond the behavioral modifications chastity brought to my life, there was the increased sensation of feeling that ring around the base of my genitals. There was pressure I felt every time I got any type of arousal. There was the discomfort caused by an extended erection;there were the 5 am wake up reminders every time I got hard inside that cage; there was the realization that I was locked and not able to be free; there was the understanding that Katie fully was in control of my cock.

If there was one thing that she did to remind me that I was not her equal it was when she decided to use chastity as part of our relational dynamic.  Just the fact that I was now encased in plastic, and later in steel made it quite clear that I was her submissive.  At times I wanted to be out but she was the one that now determined that. 

If you've never been locked by your wife or girlfriend, you are truly missing an exciting part of being a submissive male.  It is the best and I can say without hesitation that you will think of her more often than you ever realized you would. Why? Because you will feel the cage that contains you all the time and each time you feel that, you will realize you belong to another.

I'm Hers


  1. Cant agree more.
    once locked for a period of 4-6 weeks without release for cleaning,....then you are committed.

  2. I love the idea of it, but having tried one I found it unbelievably uncomfortable I don't know if I could ever wear one... and Mistress R isnt keen on the idea anyway, she'd much rather I struggled without assistance.

  3. "If you've never been locked by your wife or girlfriend, you are truly missing an exciting part of being a submissive male. It is the best ..."

    Well, I'd say that this heavily depends.

    As far as *I* think about "submission", chastity is not even an essential part of it, and much less is enforced chastity. In my opinion being a submissive man primarily means that one is adjusting to the wishes of one's dominant. If she'd like her sub to remain chaste, chastity comes into play, but it is by no means a condicio sine qua non for being a submissive man.

    As for my lady and me, we do incorporate chastity into our D/s relationship, since Tamara likes to be the only person to decide about my orgasms. So - although it's quite tough at times - I'm complying to her wish, and I do it by means of self-control. Both of us have been writing about this on our own blog more than once.

    As for a chastity device, I'd like to second Robert Anthony. We never used an actual one, but Tamara made me wear a steel ring around my testicels once or twice permanentely. It was meant to be her hand symbolically grapping my balls. Well, the experiences were quite the same that you described about your device (without the sitting while peeing, that is, because I do this nearly all the time anyway), but instead of enjoying it, when I once again realized that this ring was there, I actually found it troublesome.

    Of course, it was a "reminder" of who made me wear it, but during a normal day, I'm under quite a lot of stress at work and have to keep my wits about one in order to be able to get my tasks organized and do a good job. So, normally, I can't bear any distractions nor am I able to space out mentally or to indulge in romantic/submissive/non-work-related thoughts. For those reasons, I've to say that having to pay attention to the presence of this ring here and there actually became more and more annoying. So, I guess, a chastity device wouldn't be a great idea in my case. Fortunately my lady doesn't seem to be interested in enforced chastity as well, but rather likes me to wilfully comply to her wishes.


  4. For some perspective, AL Enterprises has probably sold over 250,000 devices in the last ten years. So, while still a rarity, there's a statistically significant chance that you have met someone else wearing one.

  5. Use of a male chastity device is fun for me, but I think I am more into it than my Queen. I don't care for being locked during nonsexual situations, like work (for reasons similar to what Rene describes). But being locked while engaging in sex play is smoking hot... my intensity in pleasuring her goes through the roof, when my cock is not "in play". I focus only on her. That's when chastity is fun.

    My Queen likes the self-control that the 'honor system' requires and loves feeling my erection against her. Even in this case, chastity is not fun for me unless she teases me (verbally and/or physically).