Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Submissive Habits: Shaving

I have been thinking about the constants that have become a part of my life and how these habits have helped me become a more submissive man. There is a verse in the Bible that says where you mind is, that is where your heart will be also. It's a true statement. In that same light I once heard a sports psychologist speak at a seminar on the 'act as if' principle. He talked about how to become a champion by 'acting as if' you were a champion. He drew the parallel to that of getting good grades by 'acting' as if you were an A student. 'A' students take good notes, ask good questions, pay attention, sit toward the front of the class, keep up on their homework, study hard, etc. His point was that if we act as if the person that is we too will be come more successful. In a way he was restating in practical ways what that Bible verse says. He was telling how our minds work; that if we focus on becoming and live accordingly, we will indeed 'become' that which we strive to be.

Since I first asked Katie to assume leadership she has required specific things of me. Today I want to focus on her expectation that I shave my genitals and buttocks daily. She is a woman that doesn't enjoy lots of body hair, at least down there and told me soon after I became her sub that she wanted me to shave, first my balls and then all of hair around my penis, soon after she told me that she wanted all the hair on my ass shaved as well.

Now when I shower I spend more time tending to that small area of my body than any other. I strive to make my skin perfectly smooth. When I massage her body and sit naked on the back of her legs she doesn't want to feel the prickly hairs that should have been removed earlier. When she touches me each night she wants to feel smoothness, not stubble.

The act of deliberately taking pride in keeping my skin completely hairless has helped me to realize that my genitals are for her. I am doing this for her. I am shaving and making my body, or at least this part of my body a pleasant and pleasing offering for her to enjoy. I was thinking about this the other day when I was showering. I would have never taken up this aspect of personal hygiene had she not demanded I do so. Nor would I have taken pride in shaving, not only to meet a requirement of hers, but also to shave with the intent to please. It's that aspect of the process that promotes submissiveness. Checking my skin to ensure I removed all body hair BECAUSE I know she will enjoy the feel is a conscious effort on my part to please the woman whose word I now obey.

Now, I love shaving. I enjoy the look and feel of my genitals. Her values have become my values and that is at the heart of what she wants. She wants me not only to obey but to embrace her values, to see her ways, to willingly follow and obey because I want to do all I can to please her.

Tomorrow morning I will repeat the process but for now, I will go to bed knowing that her hands will be all over me and when she enjoys the feel of my genitals it is because I took pride in preparing properly. Later when she tells me to massage her, she will only feel the smooth skin of my buttocks against her shaven legs. She won't comment. She probably won't notice. And that is good because not noticing means I have done my duty by not having razor stubble that would otherwise disturb and be counter productive to my goal of helping her relax and fall asleep to the touch of my hands. I love 'acting as if' because I want to please and receive the approval of a job well done.

I'm Hers.


  1. Does Katie shave, too, or does she prefer her pubic hair natural (or trimmed)? On one side, she doesn't enjoy body hair, as you write; but on the other side, her keeping her bush could emphasize her dominance over you.

  2. Katie is shaved as well. Actually she had her hair removed with a laser so she doesn't have to shave any more. For the two of us how she keeps herself and how she keeps me is about her preference rather than 'feeling' dominant. Personally, having shaved for so long now, I don't even think twice about it. It's part of my morning hygiene - I shower, I clean my body, I shave my body, I get ready for the rest of my day. It's just a part of life that is as natural now as getting breakfast. Thanks for commenting Peter.