Friday, May 18, 2012

Approaching Two Months of Denial

Sometime next week will mark eight weeks since I was last permitted an intentional release. Athough sex is a common part of our relationship, being permitted a purposeful orgasm is not. Katie now loves denying me. She loves that my cock gets hard the instant she touches me. She loves that her teasing without orgasm makes me want her. She loves making love with me with her on top. She loves asserting her dominance in this way every time we have fantastic sex. And so my denial continues.

I really couldn't care less at this point when she next allows me release. I'd never thought that I'd say that until I experienced an orgasm after having been denied for three months. It just wasn't all it was made up to be. It was nice. I enjoyed it. But it didn't 'wow' me. It just felt nice. Making love and being denied feels just as nice. I've had a few ruined orgasms that were oop'ses on my part while making love but I came without those feelings of a powerful orgasm. I just oozed ejaculate without feeling euphoric in the process.

I wonder if others that have been denied for prolonged periods feel as I do. There is nothing like feeling so close and then having to exert the will to not cum while pleasing her. I love it. I hate it. But in the end I'd wish for nothing else.

And so the days continue to mount. Will I reach 100 again. 200? It all depends on Katie's wants and desires.

I'm Hers


  1. She loves that my cock gets hard the instant she touches me.

    Oh yes, that's one of the things I love about it...

    My last orgasm was actually almost painful, quite honestly I'm starting to cum round to the idea of permanent denial ...

  2. I love that my cock gets hard without her even touching me...:)

    To me, not cuming means self control.
    It means that she gets to cum more than once. Once I have cum then I go floppy and so no more for either of us.

    It is a two edge sword, catch 22 whatever.
    I really want to cum and at the same time I really want the tease, the denial, the struggle and I really want her to enjoy sex. To have the physical stimulation and to cum and to cum again.

  3. The longest I have gone is 3 weeks and I kept dripping until on the third week she wanted me to cum. It felt really good and if I could i would cum every day but we both agreed I need to wear a chastity belt so she does not feel pressure for sex.My wife is concerned that that my plumbing needs to be cleaned out every 1-2 weeks and is unsure about letting me go 4-5 months or longer. I am confused by the info on the internet. I had a vasectomy,so we are done having kids and we are 50 years old.Has anyone asked their doctor about permanent denial?

    Submissive husband bob

    1. I'm going to ask her over the weekend if she would be open to 1 month of denial then move to 2 months and then to 3 months without any T & D and just leave her cock locked up until SHE wants sex.I know she wants to make sure that everything will be ok and that I will not be hurting myself. I wear a jailbird and it is so comfortable that most of the time I forget it is on. I have to say this takes a lot of willlpower and you have to be strong mentally for being locked up, this is not for the weak I am in the eastern part of CT.where are you, you could email me just let me know where to email you
      thanks bob

  4. Today marks three weeks of orgasm denial and one full week locked in chastity for me. Both records for me. She has had eight orgasms during this period. I haven't been permitted intercourse with her during this time, but I agree that is by far the hottest way to be denied orgasm. To maintain self control, give her the pleasure of an orgasm with your cock, and then her to tell me she doesn't want me to come.... kicking me out of her pussy. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen that often. She's been "going vegetarian", so to speak (no male meat).

    In the past I've made the mistake of asking her when she will unlock me or when I will get release. I haven't asked this chastity period, and I think she really appreciates that. No pressure. I really have no idea how long she is going to keep me locked and how long she is going to keep me denied release. If it were up to me, I'd prefer to be released with a nice teasing handjob, as I know I will come almost instantly after being denied so long. She is winding down a big project with her work, and has stated that things will calm down for her next week, so I wouldn't be surprised if we go another week. I could also see her telling me no release until Father's Day, which is a while off yet.

    This has sent my libido through the roof. It feels like I am in constant foreplay mode. I agree with SubHub bob, I would like to take the device off to inspect, just to make sure everything looks ok down there. And yes, woman on top sex is the best. Hands down.

  5. Robert, The thought intrigues me as well but I know that isn't going to happen. Or at least that is how I think she feels. Who knows. What she loves is a hard cock that lasts, whether I cum or not is becoming a secondary desire of hers.

  6. Submanhub, I too love what you do and all that you mention can only happen when a man is controlled by his Domme. Self control, instant erection, teased and denied.... oh, how I wish I knew about this life years ago. :)

    Anonymous, I've researched much of what you wife is questioning. Katie too questioned as yours is now. There is nothing to deny you release should your prostate get overly full. Wet dreams cant be stopped, oozing can't be stopped. Chastidy and denial isn't putting a plug over the hole if you know what I mean. I have an advanced degree in the health sciences and searched for a long time on Google Scholar to see if there was any negative consequences to being denied. I couldn't find any but just heresay 'hunches' by those on the general web. As a man in my 50's as well, I'd encourage your wife to take small 'learning steps' in denying you longer just to gain confidence that she can do so without hurting you. I think she will be delightfully surprised by how well you do and how well you repond when she wants you. Thanks for commenting and please do so again

  7. Mr. IH,

    The feeling for me is akin to the phrase commonly used on Mr. Indy's site. It makes me feel "indecisive". That is where the brass padlock comes in. I do not have the decision. I communicate my feelings in honesty to my wife and she chooses. Like Katie, my wife finds simply keeping me lock works best for her. Last weekend she had a nice long massage followed by prompting me to get her off via oral. About an hour later she also had me get her off via her bullet. I now relish being permitted between her legs to get her off. I crave the taste and seeing her back arch and her nipples become erect as her whole body shudders in orgasmic pleasure. It is such a 'high' for me and is what I look forward to most. I on the other hand know I will not see my key at least until the Christmas holidays, but I suspect even then I wont see the old guy out and about. Like you, it does not really bother me. In fact, I find being kept locked is something I am appreciative for in a twisted kind of way.

    Extend my congratulations to Katie on learning to enjoy you denied. Here is to her continuing to do so for as long as she would enjoy keeping you that way.


  8. Lovetosubmit. I find it so interesting that a woman can be fully satisfied not having sex but just being pleasured orally. To be denied for three weeks, locked for one and to please her once every three days on average knowing she is fully content with your services really does point the the fact that we are the needy gender. We need them so much more than they need us - or so it seems at times. I wish you well on your journey and hope she pushes you still further. Enjoy the ride :)

  9. SH,
    You know that we are submissive men when we can relish the sight we see and the pleasure we gain when pleasing our women. We are loved and yet we are there for the single purpose of serving them. It does seem a bit twisted yet I know you and I would wish for nothing more than we live out our days working, loving, serving and worshipping the woman that owns us. I too wish for many more days of denial even though I am permitted outside way more than you. I don't know what is more intoxicating - being kept in the tube for prolonged periods or being allowed to get so close, and be touched often knowing full well I won't be given a release. Both are heavenly!

  10. Mr. IH,

    For me, I have to be honest. If I was unlocked, chastity device removed, I would not last a day w/o finding reason to touch an erection for a moment or two. That would cause an ejaculation. I can and have ejaculated by simply standing in place with an erection and having dirty thoughts w/o any physical stimulation. I fear I am just more sensitive then other guys. For me, the brass pad lock is simply best left in place. It is an honest truth I have had to let see the light of day and now that I have and turned the key over to my wife, I do feel the constant buzz spoken about by the previous commenter. It is really exhilarating, lasting for days in a row sometimes. My wife just txt’ed me letting me know that I may be permitted between her legs tonight to be able to taste her sweet womanly nectar that I have grown to so love. The thought has my anticipation racing. She asked for wine and a movie at home first though. I fear I will have a difficult time enjoying the movie and staying in the moment, but I will try.

    Take care. Have a good weekend.


  11. SH, I forwarded this sentence onto Katie after I read it earlier today: "My wife just txt’ed me letting me know that I may be permitted between her legs tonight to be able to taste her sweet womanly nectar that I have grown to so love."

    How hot, how sexy, how tantalizing is it to get a text like that knowing that 'sometime' tonight you will be honored to do the very thing you enjoy most - pleasing her orally and in doing so satisfying your own hunger. Mmmmm! I haven't gotten texts such as those and so envy you very much. I understand the predicament you are in with being left out of the 6000. I on the other hand really do being permitted out when in bed with Katie. I use to be able to convince her to allow me out when away on business, even if just for a few minutes to stroke without the intent of cumming - but just to get aroused for her. She will have none of that anymore. It's time in chastity when away and out only when in her presence. I do love the tease and am feeling movement down below as I write :) You enjoy your weekend as well.