Saturday, May 5, 2012

Submissive reminder: Chores

If you have not read the previous few posts I’d encourage you to do so. I’ve been writing on the topic of those things that I believe have an impact in reminding me that I am not equal with Katie – that I am her sub. The topics of shaving (ass and genitals) chastity, denial and deference, were already discussed. Today’s topic is chores.

Chores do not make me ‘feel’ submissive for the most part. Every once in a while they do but that is only if Katie decides to play around and make the task that I am about to do for her a play time in which she demands that I do something ‘because I am her sub’.  That rarely happens and so the work that I do doesn’t give me that ‘submissive feeling’. What doing chores does is remind me constantly that I am her sub and that I am not her equal. My day is filled with work. Here is a sampling of what I typically do:

· Make sure any used towels and wash cloths are put in the hamper and a clean toweland cloth is hung over the shower door.
· Make the bed, tidy the bedroom, check her email, and feed the dog while she’s showering
· After I shower I blow-dry her hair naked while she puts on her make-up
· Clean the cat litter, add more litter as needed
· Put away any of her clothes or shoes that are not in their proper place
· Make her breakfast and clean the dishes after
· Make her lunch and clean up after
· Empty the dishwasher if the dishes were washed yesterday
· Do the laundry, fold clothes, and put them away
· Fix dinner and clean up after
· Fetch wine if she wants some in the evening
· Perform whatever chores she wants done during the day which may be anything from planting flowers, to mowing the lawn, to vacuuming the floors, to cleaning the garage, to pruning bushes, etc.
· Massage her body at night – usually for 30-60 minutes depending on her mood
I took the time to write the above list to illustrate that doing chores is simply that, it’s work. It is work and it is work that is predominately my job. I do the grunt work and menial items that she doesn’t particularly care for. Katie takes care of the bills. She makes appointments to see the doctor, get the car repaired, etc. She calls the cable company when the web is down. She returns emails and phone calls. She plans our day if we are going to go out for the evening. She catches up with her friends on the phone. She plans what work I am do to for her that is on her ‘to-do’ list. I simply do those daily items that I am expected to do and she adds to them depending on those ‘other’ things she wants me to take care of.
For some, I am sure that chores makes a man feel submissive. For me, it’s just the reminder that I am her sub, that she is my superior, that I am hers, that I am owned and there to be used as she wants. Gladly I am not used as her slave. At least I don’t feel like her slave. We spend most of our ‘home time’ together with the exception of meal prep. I try to get my work done while she is busy doing other things to minimize my time away from her.
I am not at all resentful about what is expected of me. After all, I was the one that brought her a list, way back when, offering to do most of the items I now do. She simply accepted my offer. Yes, it’s a bit different now. Now she adds to that list by telling me ‘I want you to do this for me today’. Or, ‘today we are going to get this done’.
I love Katie. I would do anything for her. Really I would. Serving her by offering my energy is such a simple gift that I can give her. I am not a great cook but I can make a few meals quite well and I want to learn to make even more things that please her palate. What I love most is knowing that she appreciates my efforts. When I serve her and see her smile in appreciation it makes the work well worth it. When I see her watch me fold and cart off a load of clothes, I know she loves that I am doing this and she doesn’t need to worry about it. When I walk in to the bedroom later in the day and see a well kept room it even makes me feel good now. I now take pride in pleasing Katie and I take pride in keeping up on the work that she has me do. It’s amazing how my mind has changed. I don’t begrudge doing work like this anymore and that is an incredible change. The reason is simple – I am doing it for the one I love and not just because it needs doing. I am doing it because I want to be her sub. I want her to lead. I want to make her smile. I want to do more so she can enjoy doing less. It’s as simple as that.
I’m Hers


  1. You ddn't mention shopping. It is something my Wife doesn't like. She s happy tp leave that to me. So I am responsibe for it and I am happy t pleases Her.

  2. For us, Katie loves shopping - not always food shopping but she generally likes getting out and going to stores to shop for items that we need. I find it interesting what subs are expected to do. It really does vary. Kathy in the Femdom 101 blog loves to cook so that is not a requirement for her husband. On the other hand, Katie really dislikes working in the kitchen and so it is my responsibility. Thanks for posting Appy. Take care and stay well.

  3. I work 10 hour days and am still expected to do chores each evening. I have 10 minutes upon arriving home to start. It usually takes about 3 hours to complete each evening. I'm very fortunate to be able to serve my wife.