Friday, May 11, 2012

Watching a sub be born

I've been reading with interest the blog, 'A queen and her knight'.  The story is that of a dominant woman and her husband as they work through the process of living life as a married couple with children.  The woman, Angelique, found out long ago that she was dominant, or at least had dominant tendencies.  She has a strong will. She likes things done her way. She expects.  But I don't know that she would have called herself dominant if asked months ago but rather would have noted that she had these tendencies.  Her husband on the other hand had submissive tendencies.  He found that he functioned best when being led, but according to Angelique he wouldn't call himself a submissive.  As an outsider reading her blog I thought it was quite evident that he possessed lots of submissive qualities and traits.  The two of them embraced a form of D/s as a way to make their struggling marriage work and indeed it did.  In fact, it thrived when Angelique led and her Knight followed. 

During the previous months Angelique went through a learning process in part by assuming leadership in her home as well as from reading other D/s blogs and much time spent thinking and processing all she read as it pertained to her, her husband, and her marriage.  In the end, she reveals that she enjoys leading, enjoys making the decisions in her home and knows that her husband too functions best when he submits to her leadership.  All of this came to a climax recently when they discussed D/s and making their relationship more intentional; making it one in which she would rule permanently and he would follow by submitting to her authority. She writes a beautiful post describing the event in which she presents her Knight a ring to remind him of that very fact. He willingly accepted it and symbolically knelt before her embracing her with his head on her chest that this too is what he wanted.

I've been reading this blog which is really a love story. It is one that slowly unfolded over the past months as Angelique penned her thoughts on life with her husband as she viewed it.  I am so happy for her Knight because he is married to a woman that is actively involved in leading and dominating. He will be submitting to a woman that wants to dominate rather than one that is the head of the home because the husband has made the choice not to be. The difference between these two forms of leadership is significant.  I am glad for him him because I believe he will receive so much from her leadership, from her desire to dominate him both in the bedroom, as well as when life happens throughout his day. 

There is nothing more sexy and attractive than watching a woman reach her potential as one who is confident and in charge of both her life as well as her husband.  Her Knight should relish his position beneath her.  I hope he appreciates all that he has, just as much Angelique should appreciate this man that is now hers to mold into the loving husband she has dreamed of her Knight becoming.

Knight, welcome to the submissive fraternity.  I hope you find as much security and love in it as so many of us have already experienced.  I wish you and your lovely Domme well.

I'm Hers

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    Recap is that I'm glad you (and so many others) seem to find my blog worth reading. Thank you for writing about us.