Sunday, June 10, 2012

Double Meanings

I was with a group of guys the other day, one of which was a high school English teacher and a published writer.  I asked about what he had written and he told me that his book was on Birding and why people take up this hobby.  In his book he apparently gives information on various birds of interest to him.  One of the other guys listening in on our conversation that knew him well commented, “you may have talked about all the birds I know but I bet you haven’t mentioned anything about the ‘jailbird’”.  I smiled inside as his comment had an entirely different meaning to me as a man often locked n a Jailbird.  I happened to be with Katie on this outing so she had me unlocked but my thoughts with respect to that illusive ‘jailbird’ were very different than theirs.  In fact I am almost certain that they have never seen the Jailbird that I’m familiar with! Too bad for them. They are missing out on a great part of life that few men ever experience. 

Happy birding to all!

I’m Hers 

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