Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three weeks without so much as a touch of her hand

I’m off on a three week business trip in which I will be traveling extensively. Katie has me locked of course – an expectation she has whenever we are apart.  Actually I’m really not locked but secured with a Philips head screw, so locked is really a figurative word. In reality I am encased in a steel chastity cage that I keep securely shut but I am on an honor system to not free myself. In some ways this method of ‘self-chastity is more difficult than being locked since there is always the temptation to get out.

Staying locked has not been a problem for me.  Katie broke my desire to masturbate quite some time ago after she kept me locked in a CB6000 for several months.  Even then she would allow me time to masturbate for a few minutes just to keep my sexual energy high as long as I didn’t get close to orgasm but now that is not an option. Her new policy, for months now, has been lock and stay locked without exception.

So for the next 21 days I’m relegated to the cage.  To be honest, it’s going to be difficult. One thing I look forward to each evening at bedtime is taking the chastity cage off and climbing in bed next to a woman that desires to cuddle up tight against me and enjoy my body. It never takes much time before her hand wanders down and grasps hold of my manhood and she begins to massage it making it hard in just a few seconds time.  Often she will want to enjoy the feeling of what she is holding deep inside her but even if not, she always will play with me until I am shaking or highly reactive to her touch. She never gets me close but always gets me aroused.

I’m going to miss her touch lots. It’s going to be difficult to resist the temptation to free myself. I hope I succeed in staying true to my word. If I don’t I’ll confess my wrong but I hope I stay strong and never ‘go’ there.  It will be 98 days since I last orgasmed when I see her next. I can’t imagine how bad I’ll want to be intimate with her when I return but I’ll let her lead the way. Oh, I’m sure she will realize what I want – her body – but ultimately it’s her decision as to when she will take and enjoy me while denying me yet again.

I’m loving this life of submission and denial!

I’m Hers!


  1. Mr. IH,

    hurry home to Kattie. I am sure she will miss you.


    P.S. I hope you are not going to be at a phillips screw driver convention.


    1. SH, big smile. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement. Unfortunately I won't be able to hurry on home any time before my 'tasks' away are complete. Till then it's just a matter of dealing with us being apart. I'm hanging in there