Sunday, July 29, 2012

Completely Comfortable

The other day Katie and  worked hard. We moved furniture around in the house - heavy stuff, we worked outside in the humid summer heat and worked up a healthy sweat in the process.  Later that evening we shared a meal and watched some TV.  At one point Katie had a hot flash and the sweat just started poring off her.  I told her to take off her top, bra and jeans but she resisted. I said again, if you want to cool off, take off your clothes so the air can cool your body.  She did but told me to do the same as she didn't want to be more undressed than I.  So there we sat on the sofa, side by side, topless, with our pants pulled down to our knees.  Eventually the jeans came all the way off and we sipped some cool water in our undies.

Sometime later I lay back on the sofa and pulled Katie on top of me, her back resting on my chest. We laid there for over an hour talking. Her body felt so nice on mine - strong, petite, soft, and incredibly sexy.  Almost without thought I stroked her hair, touched her face and caressed her breasts and body while we conversed.  I felt completely comfortable with her.  We talked about the day, about her desire for where all of this stuff was to eventually end up, about future projects she had in mind for me/us to do.  As we talked laying so close how completely comfortable I felt with her. I felt as if being here with her could not be more natural. It's hard to describe in words but emotionally I bonded as one with her. I felt as if my mind, emotions, spirit and energy were intertwined with hers and it was a beautiful feeling. It was a pieceful feeling.

That evening was a beautiful evening. It was not one of eroticism. It was not one of sex and kink. It wasn't even one as me submitting to her dominance although I know that my touch while we talked touched her inwardly as an affectionate act of love. No, our time that evening was simply one of two people feeling completely comfortable with the other.  We were undressed because it felt good to wear less rather than more.  We lay close, her on me, not as a precursor to something more intimate, but just because it felt like the thing to do.  It was spontaneous. It was just a simple act of love we shared quietly together.

I love her so much and wanted to share in some way that evening with you the reader.

I am so Hers!


  1. It does sound like a lovely evening, full of peace and love. Lucky ducks!

  2. Women like cuddling. Strawberries too. I have no clue why. Bit of an enigma to me but there it is.