Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Katie is Irritated

 A few weeks ago Katie was flipping channels and she paused to watch a basketball game.  One thing led to another and at some point I said, “do you know that girls basketballs are actually smaller and lighter than boys basketballs?”  At first she thought I was joking but I assured her I wasn’t.  I then told her that this isn’t the only sport where sports cater to women’s teams. By the time I was done talking she was actually pissed off. She couldn’t believe the inequality.  Maybe it was because she felt like there shouldn’t be any difference between the genders.  So to all my femdom friends, do the following changes piss you off as well or are you cool with it? If you are one of those female supremacist then maybe I think you need to address this and not just blow it off as stupid and whimsical.  After all, you are better than the male gender so why should the sport world cater to you ‘unfairly’?  Here’s some of what I mentioned to Katie:

·         Women’s basketballs are smaller and lighter than men’s basketballs

·         Women’s softball fences are at least 100 if not 150 feet closer to home plate than baseball fences

·         Women’s softballs are larger than baseballs making them easier to hit (Note: she was surprised to hear of these things.)

·         Women aren’t permitted to pitch a ball overhand

·         Women’s softballs are high visibility, neon yellow-green. Baseballs are a white

·         Girls lacrosse players are not allowed to use their stick to hit an opponent to alter their path in any way.  Boys can. (Note: now she was getting upset.)

·         Field hockey sticks force a woman to play right-handed while guys hockey players can use both sides of their sticks

·         Girls hurdles are lower than boys and that even applies to the intermediate hurdles. In fact, the the girls high hurdle height is shorter than the boys intermediate (low hurdle) height.

·         Girls discus’ are lighter

·         Girls shot puts are lighter (like 4kg vs 8kg) (Note: Oh, my gosh, now she's fuming.)

·         Girls javelins are shorter and lighter by 25%

·         Girls hammer throw ‘balls’ are 50% lighter than a guys hammer – a shot put tied to a cable

·         Weight bars are made out of aluminum just so women can ‘look’ like they are lifting more than the heavier solid-steel men’s Olympic bar

·         Girls volleyball nets are lower than boys nets (Note: She told me this is so wrong. 'This is unbelieveable' she gasped.)

·         Girls don’t have to compete in the parallel bars, the still-rings or pommel horse as required by men

·         Girls never lift boys in competition cheer while boys are always asked to do so

·         Girls soccer balls are smaller and lighter

·         Girls only have to run 5000 meters in a typical college track meet while guys run both 5000 and 10000 meter events

·         Women tee-off in golf closer to the hole than do men (I couldn't even tell her about these last few. Her BP and heart rate were teatering on becoming unstable :)
OK, I’m tired of thinking. The list is long. The inequality absurd. The disparity evident. And Katie is beyond rationale with trying to wrap her brain around all of these passes that were given to the 'stronger, smarter' gender. So what are your feelings?  Mr. SH, what is going on here? What’s the deal? I’m confused. I’m a sub, I thought that women were superior, better, and definitely able to handle equally difficult or even more difficult obsticles. So why the opposite? 

Please don’t give me the ‘we aren’t as strong, fast or agile as men’ arguement cause that doesn't hold water.   There is no legitimate rhyme nor reason everyone shouldn’t tee-off at the same place. I mean they design golf courses so you can’t get hole-in-one. Girls use to use the same size basketball as girls in the ‘old’ days. Why the change? Women run marathons so why aren’t they required to run a 10K along with the men? Why can’t girls be aggressive in lacrosse like they can in basketball or soccer? Why do they pay this patsy non-contact game? Isn’t this degrading to women?  Isn’t all of this degrading?

I’m confused. I’m just a lowly sub and this is way ‘above my pay grade’ (to put it as a not so smart leader once commented about when life begins but then decided to advocate late-term abortion of life). I need help. Please help. Katie is pissed and I think justifiably so.  What say you? J
I’m Hers


  1. You forgot to mention that male tennis players play best of five whereas women only play best of three....

    Women really play shorter holes in golf? That's stupid for a start. I can kinda of understand the discus (for example), I guess a lot of these things are historical, the problem is that if they change them now then all the records become meaningless. Like when the NHRA changed the drag strips from 1/4mile to 1000feet, all those years of records were meaningless overnight!

  2. What you are describing is the "soft bigotry of low expectations." When I was in high school, there was no such thing as a three point line in basketball. Because of this, coach's actively discouraged a forty foot jump shot because there was no reward for hitting it over a much higher percentage twelve foot jump. Because of this, no one could hit a forty foot jump with any regularity. Once that magic stripe was painted on the floor, guys began practicing from forty feet and - surprise - they began hitting it. Annika Sorenstam often hit from the men's tee box so she would not overdrive the fairway - and it isn't like she was a muscle-bound monstrosity (she just had a sweet stroke).

    All sorts of sports make changes - like the three point line in basketball, rules limiting contact with the quarterback or receivers in football, moving from 100 yard dash to 100 meters (100 yards is actually 91 meters), allowing composite golf clubs, et cetera. No one really makes a big fuss about these changes now (though they were hotly contested at the time).

    The people who can change things are the people who run the governing boards of the various sports. You know a sport where men and women compete equally? Bowling.

  3. Tomio,
    And do you know what? I cannot beat Katie at bowling. She whips my butt every time we play!lol. Seriously, I hope you could sense the sarcasm in my post. She and I were sitting around one day when we started talking about the differences in basketball sizes during a March Madness tournament when this topic came up. I decided to have a little bit of fun with it and post. Don't take me too seriously. In actuality, I could care less that these differences exist. Hope you have a great 4th of July holiday (if you are a US resident).

    Robert, yes I forgot about tennis. Chalk another inequality up for the girls to get a pass on :)

    1. I picked up the sarcasm...but it's also true that there are a ton of examples like this.

      I'm in the US - so thanks.

  4. Mr. IH,

    Sorry for the off topic comment. I wanted to take an opportunity to send you a quick note. I hope you and I can be good friends. I think you feel my wife is being subject to my manipulation in an attempt to get her to proceed with cuckolding me and you are trying to join forces with her in order to get me to stop raising the issue.

    That is simply not the case. I author caption images for Mr. Indy. Most are cuckold captions posted on his pay site. My wife often watches as I author them, and she and Mr. Indy have an understanding that anything he pays out, goes to her in the mail and is on a check in her name. My wife is well aware of my desires and does stoke them on occasion. She mentioned that her conversation with her best friend was sparked due to a ‘specific situation’ of which she was actively considering cuckolding me.

    I do hope you see that my wife is not a timid woman who is being subject to a master manipulator. She is a domme who has a husband who is kept in chastity. She has seriously considered cuckolding me on several occasions and had told me so in no uncertain terms. It is just as of yet she still feels it is not the right choice for her. I respect this. She still encourages me to author caption images for Mr. Indy and is fully aware of the content of my work. She may change her opinion at some point in the future. I do not know. Either way, I am her obedient submissive. Her knowledge of my desires is not something she finds such an affront as you seem to think. Instead, she often encourages them, as she knows it is a source of enjoyment for me.

    I hope you can understand.

    Take care.



    1. Mr SH, I don't give others grief about their desire to be cuckholded. Only you. My reasons are two fold. 1. You have stated on several occasions that your family attends church. 2. You have expressed several times as well, and in fact went so far as to say that you are quite versed in scripture. My hunch is that you attended a seminary for some time or received your masters in Greek or Hebrew studies.

      Because of that, and only because of that I question your desire or bent for your wife to take another man for her enjoyment. I can not for the life of me wrap my brain around that fact given your knowledge and understanding of scripture. I addressed you bluntly because I know of your background. I hope you never go there. I really do. As a 'web or blog' friend' I see only pain, insecurity and so many other potential wedges that this could drive between your marriage. Trust me, I've been down that road before. I went through the pains of a divorce and it is no fun. It rips your heart out.

      I will not speak further about this as I don't want us to be wedged apart as web friends yet I wanted you to know the reasoning behind my frustration with the temptation before you. I don't write because I don't care. If I didn't care, I would say nothing. I hope you never go there but if you do, I will not speak out as I did earlier.

      Have a good day friend
      Im Hers

  5. Mr. IH,

    II Sam 12:8 Nathan the prophet speaking to king David indicates David has been bless by god with the multiple wives. Multiple spouses is not a sin. It is a blessing for a person in authority. The theme is unambiguously clear in scripture.

    I will let the dog lie too. I do ask I am free to write as I will on my blog. Anyone is welcome to comment as am I free to respond. I do thank you for understanding.

    Take care.