Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The time in denial ends at 105 days

A few weeks ago Katie gave me permission to orgasm after being denied 3 1/2 months. She never keeps track of the time she denies me.  The previous interval was 102 days so she was pretty consistent in these two.  Now I am at 17 days and counting.  I commented to her when I checked my cell phone calendar where I keep a record of such events and her comment was "it's only been 17 days?" indicating that she thought it was longer than that.

I've been in a wonderful conversation via email with another submissive guy for the past few months.  He is hoping his wife will deny him longer and asked if I thought Katie might do the same for me (as in 6-12 months), so I asked her.  She only told me that anything is possible, so who knows, it may be til Christmas or maybe this time next year when she gives me the OK once again. I will just have to wait and see.

The emotional roller coaster of being denied puzzles me.  I think much of the desire to want to orgasm is dependent on the attention that she gives me by teasing.  I left her for 20 days and found that I ached for her during the first half of my trip but during the latter part things 'just were'.  I think the ache had to do with me missing her, missing her touch, missing our closeness, missing our times of intimacy.  When reality finally settled in, I accepted that I wouldn't have access to her and my mind finally calmed and in fact I hardly had an erection that final week we were apart.

So the days will mount again.  I may not post much during the next few weeks as life will become exceedingly busy for me but may try to write a few posts and delay their postings during this period.

Till next time
I'm Hers


  1. We will still be here. Enjoy your busy spell. Drop by a little if you can.

    Take care.

  2. Just a quick thought since I too have thought about mentioning something to my wife about a 6 month denial (longest has been 10 weeks). My thought is that something like this may emphasize to my wife how all of my sexual thoughts are geared towards giving her pleasure. For example, as things are now, she may decide to allow me to orgasm on any particular day. Under that scenario - my attention to her and sexual desire for her could be construed as me playing a numbers game. The more often we have sex the better my chances of orgasm. However, if my orgasm was taken completely off the table for 6 months - then there could be no mistake that my desire for her is not secretly motivated by my potential orgasm. I was also curious if doing this would increase the amount of teasing that she does to me of which it sounds like every guy in this lifestyle cannot get enough.

  3. I think every relationship is different. Some wives deny and don't tease at all while others deny and tease daily. I'm sure there are those that span the two above opposite poles. I am a big beliver in open relationships with respect to communication. I'd have a discussion with your wife and see how she feels as ultimately what she decides to do will depend on her wishes. I'd be interested in hearing the conclusions she comes to should you agree to broach this topic with her.

  4. Mr. IH,

    ‘I am a big believer in open relationships…’

    I thought you were strongly opposed to open relationships.

    Is this a change in your feelings recently?



    1. Mr. SH, you took that phrase out of context, I said that I am a big believer in open relationships WITH RESPECT TO COMMUNICATION, meaning that I think couples should talk and discuss everything so that there are no hidden secrets, untold thoughts, etc. I am a believer in a closed relationship with respect to couples having others join them intimately on a sexual level. I think it might be fun, inticing, peak one's curiosity, but the potential to ruin a relationship or cheapen the sexual intimacy that a couple shares is just too much of a risk.

      Have a great day