Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise

Last night I arrived home quite late. Katie was already in bed. I stripped and climbed in bed naked, albeit with the Jailbird still attached and we made out.  It's something we do nightly and I hope we never stop taking the time to do.  I love kissing. There is something about exploring her lips and mouth with mine that is so nice.  It's like this little delicacy ..... but I digress.  After Katie had her fill of me she rolled on to her back and I took it as an indication that she wanted me to go down on her.  I slipped off her panties and took my position and spent the next 20 minutes in heaven pleasing her and bringing her to one orgasm after another.  I can't express in words just how beautiful it is to be 'there'.  Down 'there'. Between her legs. My hands wrapped around her strong thighs. My head resting on them between her orgasms while I wait for her to quiet. Looking up at her and seeing her tight abs, ample breasts and beautiful face. Her eyes closed. She always looks so beautiful from that perspective and she feels so 'mine' at the moment.  I love to both see and know that she is thoroughly enjoying what it is that I have to offer her.  I love it.

What has been such a pleasant surprise has been how often she has wanted me 'down there'.  Katie's typically not one to prefer oral pleasures as much as intercourse or being touched to an orgasm while snuggled close.  She prefers our bodies to be close when she cums and being between her legs pleasing her, moves me to a position where she is all alone. But for the past week or so I've spent a fair time using my tongue and mouth to please her and I hope it is the beginning of a ritual she continues to enjoy - and enjoy she does. Katie is always full of surprises and this may just be a temporary thing for her to enjoy.  By nights end, we always end up just where she wants me, regardless of any kissing, or intimacy we may have enjoyed.  In the end, I end up massaging her til she's either asleep or about to drift off and to be honest, it's one of the most intimate times of our day - at least for me. But for now, I'm sure loving the precursor to the massage - a different kind of massage - a very focused massage that she and I are both reveling in - at least for now.

I'm Hers


  1. Great post, going down on the one you love is just awesome isn't it...