And the final score for August is.... 73 for Katie and 1 for me!!!!  I think we both won. 

During the month of August I kept tabs on the number of orgasms that each of us experienced over a months time.  As you can see by the above score, I lost, or did I win?  I guess it depends on how you view the results.  In my mind, 73-0 would have been a better score for both of us but it just didn't turn out that way.  And if I didn't have to get my annual physical the tally would have been 73-0 but Katie didn't want the woman doc I see do a prostate exam and find a swollen gland so she told me that I would be cumming. Oh well.  But September is a new month and she has a shut out going so far. If we were playing baseball, we'd almost be at a mercy-rule score but whose counting?  hehe 

I find bringing Katie to orgasms incredible. Immensely satisfying. Erotic and now part of my job as her sub.  For a woman that could never have an orgasm up until 6-7 years ago, she now is able to climax quite quickly.  When I read those blogs that speak to pleasing a woman orally for 20, 30 or 40 minutes at a time, or see pics of men going down on a woman while she sits quietly and reads a book I have no comprehension of her feelings cause that is not Katie. Not in any way, shape, or form.  When I go down on Katie it may take 5 minutes max for her to hit a peak and that is if I am being careful.  If I wanted, I could get her to go from zero to orgasm in a minute if I had her in the right mood beforehand. That is my life. So when I record 4-6 orgasms in an evening that is pretty much the norm.  It's just who she is and how her body responds.
I was going to title this post, "one can only imagine" because that is how I feel about our intimate relationship.  As an outsider one can only imagine what our close times are like.  They are passionate. They are intimate. They are expressive. They are characterized by mutual sharing of our bodies with one another.  They are climactic - at least for her - and incredibly satisfying for me as well.  It's what I would have never imagined but hope will never change. 

And in case you are wondering, she's up Thirteen - nothing in September.

I'm Hers