Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Submissive Dreams

I don't normally have dreams but in the past few days I've had two that I remember so they must have occurred shortly before waking and they were both 'submissive' in nature. 
In the first dream Katie was sitting on the sofa talking to another Mistress. In my dream this Mistress, which I will call Kathy, was a faceless, elderly woman that Katie had never before met but who had been a mistress for many years. She was sitting in a seat across from Katie in our home and the two of them were talking privately.  They were talking about me. Katie had apparently told her about me and how I serve her. I heard Kathy tell Katie that I was more than her submissive, I was her slave.  Katie objected to the slave term but Kathy pressed, telling her that indeed I was. She instructed Katie to have me do something she's never before told me to do, and to have me do it in front of the two of them.  Katie called me in from the other room and told me in a stronger tone than she normally uses to sit on the floor and massage her feet (something I've only done once and did it on my, not her initiative) while she continued to converse with her Mistress friend.  I remember obeying, taking off her shoe and sock as if it was most natural to do and sitting with my back to Kathy and massaging Katie's feet while the two of them continued their conversation.  My dream ended at that point.
I found the subject matter itself interesting as I have never had D/s dreams and I thought that her telling me to massage her feet was revealing as she's never told me to do that. Katie does love to have her body massaged before sleeping but has never asked me to massage her feet.  In any event, the dream happened.  I told Katie about it. She didn't say much.  I asked if she viewed me has her slave or sub and she told me she thought of me more as her sub, but that she also looked at me as her 'love-slave'.  I pressed, asking what she meant, and was told she meant that I would do anything for her because I loved her so much. 
This morning I had another dream just before waking.  I was with others (Katie was not there) and either by a pool or lake.  I was in  my swim trunks with my legs in the water.  A group of towels were piled next to me. For some reason I lifted the bottom towel up a few inches and saw a Jailbird chastity cage similar to the one I was wearing under my trunks.  I tried to take a picture of it to send to Katie but then the dream progressed and I was standing in crystal clear blue water. I was talking to a woman and then saw the Jailbird in the water just a few feet in front of me.  I picked it up and the woman told me it belonged to her sub Steven, who happened to be my best friend from when I was in grade-school.  I have not  seen Steve in 40 years.  She took the Jailbird and told him to put it on but not before he was instructed to squeeze my groin and feel the steel cage that encased me. I don't know how she knew I had a chastity device on but she nevertheless had her sub squeeze me regardless.  At that point, the dream ended.
I'm not sure why I've had these dreams.  I did enjoy them but the content, the characters and the subject matter are so different from anything I have dreamed before.  Have you had dreams involving being a submissive or being dominated?  I'd be curious to know. 

I'm Hers.

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