Monday, September 17, 2012

Tell me you don’t love this life!

Sunday was a fantastic day. So ordinary in so many ways yet one in which I just loved being a submissive to Katie.  We slept in and snuggled for a good hour, just cuddling and holding one another. After rising and doing the usual morning routine we headed out to do some shopping in town. We finished our errands around 2pm and headed back to the house.

I am one that loves sports and of all the sports that I enjoy the NFL ranks far above any others.  I just love watching football.  I follow it all year long. I follow the draft, have my favorite teams schedule logged in my cell and keep up on that team and what is happening within the organization.  Katie on the other hand knows almost nothing about football. If you asked her where the corner back lined up I think she’d give you a blank stare and a look like “what?”.  Well the team I follow was on TV, something that’s unusual since they are based in a city not near me.  The game was an early one and we missed most of the first half due to our shopping.  I said nothing while out cause I wanted my day to revolve around her and her wants. When I got back I asked if I could check the scores and she allowed me to do so.  She was surprised to see that ‘my team’ was playing and told me to watch the game.  I did so but I had things to do.  I had food to put away. I had wash to do. I had a roast to fix and veges to get cut up to put in the crock pot. I had a floor to sweep and a room to clean.  I kind of watched as I was working but mostly I wanted to get my chores done.  I wanted them done because this is what I do and who I am – her sub.  I wanted to get them done because I wanted her to have that “this is so nice” feeling knowing I was working on her behalf.  I wanted to get them done because I now take pride in doing these tasks and the others she sometimes assigns.
By 3 that afternoon I was ready to enjoy the game – of course, my team was losing and I was getting tense.  Katie commented, “well I guess we won’t be having sex tonight,” meaning you will be in a bad mood.  “No, it will just be rough sex”, I replied smiling.  She enjoyed the game with me (I can’t believe she seems to actually enjoy the game somewhat now. It’s great!). 

Later that evening after cleaning up dinner I decided to once more massage her feet and calves, something I did once last week after having ‘that dream’ that I spoke about a few posts ago.  I decided then that I need to do more of this and after I massaged her feet then, it confirmed my thought that this is something she really does enjoy.  I massaged her then with my back to the TV and pampered her for about an hour.  Last night I readied myself once more, getting the oil and taking off my shirt so as to not get oil on it. Katie added once I had tossed the shirt to the side, “and your pants too”, Smiling, I stripped naked and sat on the carpeted floor before her and prepared to rub her feet. Instead, she held out an arm and told me she wanted her hand and arms massaged first.  We took our time and over the next two hours I massaged her hands, arms, shoulders and later, her entire body while she lay in only her panties with her legs straddling my body on the sofa.  We had such a beautiful time.  I told her that I knew that she was feeling the warmth and pressure of my touch but that she was reforming my mind as I was gazing on, and taking care of, the body of the woman I am to forever serve, love and care.  I told her how this act and the other chores I did today are all slowly having an effect on me. My mind is being reshaped. Daily service while she relaxes, directs or even orders me to do this or that is molding each of us more solidly into the people we are now.  I am indeed her submissive and she is definitely the authoritative figure. I told her that maybe Mr. SH is correct, that this long-term denial makes a man more docile and wanting to please and serve his superior partner because that was exactly how I was feeling at the time and have been feeling for a few weeks now.
I said those words while thinking back a few days ago when the two of us drove to an automotive tire store. I had two bad tires. Katie told me to call and get prices from various stores. In the end she told me to go to store ’x’ even though they didn’t have the lowest price because she liked their service.  We drove together and once there she decided I needed four, not two, tires.  The service technician and her decided I also needed a wheel alignment. That wasn’t my decision. It was hers.  We left the car there to get some lunch and she ordered for the two of us.  I just enjoyed my meal with what she got – the same thing for both of us.  Yes, I love being her sub.

Around 9pm we headed upstairs, after her two hour massage with the Sunday night football game between the 9ers and Lion’s on mute. I didn’t watch much of it but she let the TV remain on while lying quietly.  Before heading up, I drummed up the courage to talk to her about ruined orgasms.  Earlier in the week she told me that I wouldn’t be cumming until at least late November. I asked if she would ruin an orgasm for me, something she had never intentionally done.  I’ve had plenty of self-ruined ones while making love but never one in which she took the time to ruin it.  She told me she would. But first I was told to massage her back upstairs in bed for another half-hour or so.
Later we cuddled and talked about our day.  I felt so good inside. I just felt so cared for and so good about what it was that I was able to do for her.  I love my life as her submissive.  I love being a submissive man, period.  I sometimes regret that I never realized who I was years earlier but am so thankful that I am now.  I thought back to a song that was playing while massaging her earlier that reminded us both of our early relationship.  The song reminded us of a time when Katie really took control of me and I told her that I should have known then that you would become the dominant one and me the submissive.  Yes, I am indeed a submissive man and it is indeed a wonderful feeling to know that I am.

We made love that night and after taking time to meet her needs she stroked me to a ruined orgasm.  She thought that I would just ooze a bit as she had seen one do in a video several months ago.  Ooze I did but it just kept coming and coming.  She commented ‘gosh, there is so much coming out of you!”  It struck us both as comic and we couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. It was one of those comments that just made the two of us burst out laughing. She jumped up to get a tissue to sop up the cum. I was hoping she’d finger-feed it to me but she cleaned most of it up and only made me taste a finger or two of it. 
Afterward we cuddled, me spooning in tight against her, my arms wrapped around her,  pulling us together. Before we fell asleep I asked, “so does this mean that since you ruined my orgasm that you will be denying me longer?”

“Hmm, mmm,” was all she said.
“A lot longer?” I asked wanting to know.

“Yes, I might ruin you next month tho.”

“K,” was all I said.
I hope she does. There is no reason for me to cum. There is no good in cumming. Pleasing her, caring for her. Taking care of her and feeling the intensity of getting so close to orgasm when we do make love or when she does tease me, has so many more positives than the momentary ecstasy of an orgasm.  Yes, I am loving this life of being her submissive.

I’m Hers

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  1. I love football too and don't miss a single game through the season. I just have to be careful I don't burn my fingers as my wife insists I do my ironing while watching.