Saturday, October 20, 2012

Have you ever thought.....

..... that every tree, every blade of grass, every plant is made almost completely of water and air and sunlight?  This post has nothing to do with D/s, it's just one of those 'facts' that have always fascinated me.  Consider: a tiny seed falls to the ground. It rains and the water softens the seeds outer coat, the seed absorbs the water and germinates. Growth occurs. Green leaves or needles soon form and when they do, photosynthesis begins.  Photosynthesis harnesses the energy of the sun, forms energy bonds by using the simple building blocks of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen.  Sugars and then starches are formed and the tree grows: more leaves, stems and roots form over time. Huge trees like the sequoia pictured here all grew from the most unlikely of components - water  and air - and I think that is pretty amazing indeed

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