Sunday, October 21, 2012

Orgasm dates

I decided to post on the side bar a listing of the times Katie has permitted me orgasm in the past year. This may be an interest to you but it's mostly a way for me to remember how often I cum.  Prior to September 2011 I orgasmed every few days. In September she changed her routine and now is denying me longer. I'm sure this time now will be the longest yet as she's hinted she doesn't want me cumming before 2013 dawns.  Personally I am content with whatever Katie wants (and since she's in charge, I really have no say in this regardless).  I am learning life is about her and how I can make her happy. Obeying her is but one such way. Staying responsive sexually is another and she indeed is keeping me responsive. Denying me gives me opportunities to do both. I would have never thought this would be my life, yet it is - and I am not complaining in the least.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I'm Hers


  1. Mr. IH,

    very nice of you to share / expose your details openly. I too find it helpful to be open.

    Keep serving, for in which you will find contentment and joy.



  2. SH, how true your words are. I hope you too are experiencing the same. btw, I took an hour out of my day a few weeks ago to listen to the podcast that you referenced a month ago. I skipped the first hour of 'her' show to get to your conversation. I found it interesting and wanted to let you know that enjoyed hearing the two of you dialog

  3. ...that is kind of you to say. Thank you.

  4. Hello, IH.

    I enjoy reading your blog. The addition of the orgasm counter is an interesting idea. Based on the progression, even without what she's told you, I would also conclude you'll be singing Auld Lang Syne before you scream "I'm coming" again. From the looks of it, and depending on how things go, I would suppose that your first 2013 orgasm will be your only 2013 orgasm. Best wishes on a continued loving relationship - you are lucky you have each other.


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  6. Marissa,
    Thanks for commenting. In some ways I hope you are right.... but then again I hope not. I've been really wanting orgasm as of late and have asked a time or two but have been told to 'wait'. Ugh. It seems like my internal clock knows its time based upon previous denial periods but this time is going to push me a bit further I believe. For Katie, I'm sure there is a bit of her that just wants me to deny myself and obey her; yet I think the primary reason she does this is because she feels as if my devotion to her, and my sexual energy is heightened when denied. I don't know if she's completely right but that's her view and thats all that matters.

  7. My husband and I have just started our FLR and I plan on letting him come every 2-3 days- I cant imagine not having that closeness at least every few days... I loke your blog and find it comforting that we arent weird and there are other couples like us. My husband is the one who asked me to enter into this but I like it very much and feel our marriage getting stronger daily.

    1. MG, thank you for posting and I hope you comment often. A bit about our sex life: we have sex lots, like 3-4 times per week on most weeks. We make love like other couples. The only difference is that she orgasms but I don't. When we first got into this lifestyle Katie allowed me orgasms every few days. Then maybe after a year or so, she played with longer periods between orgasms, then in september, mostly with me wondering and asking her, she decided on long periods of denial for me. I don't mind not orgasming as I enjoy our intimacy. I get close and often she will let me enjoy her body to bring my self to the edge several times before we are through. I am left very satisfied, albiet very frustrated (in a good way). I am left wanting her, wanting more, and wanting to wrap my body as close to hers as I can.... and that's what she enjoys, so it is a win win for the two of us.

      I have undergraduate and post graduate biology degrees and work in the health science field. I've researched denial from a helath perspective. Do a google scholar search yourself and type in key words like orgasm, prostate health or similar. I've done it several times and looked through many many pages of research and found nothing to indicate that there are any health benefits to prolonged denial. I think you will find increased sexual desire and a willingness to submit to you should you opt to stretch his orgasms further apart. I wrote a few posts on this over the summer months if you care to look back in my past posts for more information. Thanks again for posting. Love to have you stop back again.

  8. WebMD Health News (Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD)

    April 6, 2004 -- Frequent ejaculation, whether it happens during sexual intercourse, masturbation, or a dream, isn't likely to increase men's risk of prostate cancer. In fact, new research suggests it may have the opposite effect and help protect the prostate.

    Researchers say it's too soon to recommend that men change their sexual habits in an attempt to lower their prostate cancer risk. However, the study raises interesting questions about the role of ejaculation and sexual behavior in the development of prostate cancer.

    Previous studies have linked frequent sexual activity to a higher risk of prostate cancer, but this new, large study found ejaculation frequency was not associated with prostate cancer risk except in the highest category. Men who ejaculated most often actually had a 33% lower lifetime risk of prostate cancer, and this relationship grew stronger as men grew older.

    For example, men who reported 21 or more ejaculations per month in their 40s had a 32% lower risk of prostate cancer later in life compared with those who reported between four and seven ejaculations per month. Men who reported more than 21 monthly ejaculations in the previous year had a 51% lower risk of prostate cancer.

    Overall, an average of 21 or more ejaculations a month during a man's lifetime decreased the risk of prostate cancer later in life by 33%. And each increase of three ejaculations per week during a man's lifetime was associated with a 15% reduction in prostate cancer risk.

    The findings, published in the April 7 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association, are based on data collected from nearly 30,000 predominately white men aged 46 to 81."

    Whatever...I guess it's YOUR prostate at risk.

    Why not try prostate milking?

  9. Interesting article. I'll read it and see if this person or group did further studies in the past 8 years. What is interesting is that although this is a large study, other studies found different results - as stated in your post.

    I will check it out..... and not take your ending comment as a jab - as I think you intended it to be. :) Thanks again.