Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Reflection

We have had such a nice weekend together. Yesterday we worked hard, preparing and planting a flowerbed that took a ton of work. We hit the sack early and slept in. This morning we made love. It was beautiful. She was on top until she wanted me to on top, and then we shared some more laying side by side. It was so nice; just the two of us and oh so comfortable being so close and so vulnerable.

While Katie got dressed I made the bed and straightened the room. After making her a hot breakfast we headed out to care for a friend’s cat and plant some flowers in her yard as a surprise when she returns home in a few weeks. Then it was off to pick up a few things at the grocery store. I pushed the cart while she selected the items she wanted. We got in line behind another middle age couple. He too was pushing the cart while she paid the cashier. I brought what I saw to Katie’s attention after which we followed suit in the same way I pushed, she paid. When we got home I gassed the mower and started it. Katie wanted to mow the yard. “I’ll be inside cooking” I called out over the sound of the engine, and headed in to cook a roast in the crock pot.  Katie finished mowing and I ran the new edger (that she purchased for us this week) down the drive and sidewalk.  About a half hour later, Katie yelled out “the Eagles are winning 10-6” I smiled as it all dawned on me at once.  Here we were in such a role reversal from the typical couple. She paying, me pushing the shopping cart. She mowing the yard; me cooking a meal; me cooking breakfast, her driving the car while we ran our errands; she inside with the football game on and telling me what the score was while I worked outside; she deciding when and in what position we were to make love to start the day. What a switch from the ordinary but what a wonderful place to be.
We sat outside as darkness pushed the daylight away rocking and sipping a glass of wine. She was dressed and I was naked except for the robe she told me to put on after I showered a few hours earlier. What a way to start the week.

I’m Hers 


  1. Mr. IH,

    sometimes that role reversal realization just kinda sneeks up on you.


    good job with the fall flower plantings.


  2. I love working with soil. It's something I've always loved - ever since I was a kid. The flower garden turned out fantastic. The soil is now fertile and loose and the perennials we put in will be gorgeous come next summer. It will be full of color and look like a wild flower garden filled with salvia, cone flowers, daisy's, black-eyed susans, coriopsis, butterfly bushes, asters, and many other plants we picked up over the summer months. This was a fun project to work on together.