Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Peeks into Life with Katie

Peek #1
Katie and her best friend Amy were talking the other day. I was not there but heard this story from Katie a day or so after it happened. Amy had just retired and I am sure that money is a topic that has been on her mind as a single woman just now approaching social security age. She happened to ask Katie if we had started to make any plans with our finances since she knows we have intentions to marry. Katie's response was short and succinct, "We sure have. He writes a check to "X" to cover this bill and then writes me a check for the balance of his pay. I deposit it and use it as we have need." Amy's response was even shorter, "Wow! Mark would never do that." Mark is Amy's beau. Need I say more?

My take from this is that Katie is quite open with her friends with her dominance as it pertains to the two of us with respect to the day to day life we lead. They know I cook. Amy knows a bit more of our finances. They all now comment what a gentleman I am with my attentiveness to Katie. What they don't know is that I am her submissive and they have no idea about our sex life other than one comment she made to a woman that was discussing ED with her significant other. Katie commented that I didn't have a problem with keeping it up.

Peek #2
I had a wonderful time having dinner and a day just hanging out with my adult children who range in age from 20-25. I mentioned in the last post that I made lasagna, garlic bread, and a garden salad. One of my daughters was asking questions about Katie while I was putting dinner together and asked about her cooking. I told her that Katie doesn't cook, I do. My daughter’s eyebrows rose at the comment but I went on to tell her that Katie really doesn't enjoy cooking and that I offered to cook for the two of us as a way to show her just how much I love her. It was really interesting to see how framing my comments with love as the reason why I do this 'womanly' chore, completely altered her opinion of both Katie and her dad. I told her that I've come to enjoy it. I enjoy cooking partly because it allows me to be creative and play with various dishes. We had a nice chat, and one of the comments she made to me that day was just how happy she has noticed me being during the past couple of years. I wonder why? Could it be that I have found submission to be a place of rest, contentment and security? I think so.

Peek #3
I worked late yesterday, not getting home until 10pm. Katie had hosted dinner for five of her friends and I arrived home just after the last couple had left. The kitchen table was clear but there were pots on the stove top, dishes in the sink, food scraps and crumbs on the kitchen counter and nearby island, and food that still needed to be put away. When I arrived we hugged and kissed as we always do, chatted for a bit and without a word I found myself scrapping dishes and loading the dishwasher, in an attempt to clean the kitchen. Without noticing I realized that Katie had left me. She was in the next room watching TV. I spent about an hour working away on the kitchen mess. We talked little as I let her watch the evening news. Around 11 I finished. We talked until almost midnight before heading to bed. I didn't consider my after work duties work at all. It needed doing and I knew that she left the kitchen as she did because she knew I would tend to it as I always do.

Peek #4
Some nights ago Katie was watching TV and I was folding clothes. I had a few loads of wash piled high on a nearby chair and stood going about my business folding and watching the show.  “I love you,” Katie said, interrupting my focus. “What brought that on?” I asked. “I love watching you fold clothes. It makes me ache for you.” Really?” I asked. “Why?” “Because I know you are doing that for me.”  It was another one of those fifteen second dialogs that occurred last Sunday, the day I do the weeks’ wash.  Yet her comment has played over in my brain many times since then. Her words are so powerful. Not kinky, but nevertheless powerful in that they reiterate that she is in charge and loves my service. I am so glad that she spoke her mind as those kinds of comments make the effort to please her that much more rewarding for me.
Well, with that I will close. It’s a Sunday evening. The Broncos are about to defeat the Chargers and I have three loads of wash to fold. I think I’ll get back to work and do something productive but first I need to get Katie a glass of wine. She’s sitting next to me under a throw, cat sleeping on her lap and her TV  remote in hand. Life goes on.


  1. Knowing someone is doing something for you because they love you is a beautiful and sexy thing.

  2. Your post is a day in the life. Not spectacular, full of excitement, just another day for you two. It seems you are settling into a cozy relationship. Congrats!

  3. Dave, Thanks for the critique of the post title. I do appreciate that. Ill have to change it just for you :). And we are getting into a cozy relationship. She's a pretty special girl if I say so myself

    Submanhub, I do agree. thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful holiday if you are from the states.

  4. One of the wonderful things about femdom is that a man serves because he wants to. On many of the blog guys like to talk about how they are forced to do this or that. The truth is that these guys are all doing things that they want to do. From time to time a man may need a little encourgement from a mistress, a little dose of feminie discipline, but the discipline works becasue he really does want to serve.

    Love, Kathy

    There is something sweet and sexy about the sight of a man doing laundry, washing dishes are any activiity that serves his mistress.

    1. I really enjoy reading your blog! I found it today and started reading it, backtracking until around August. I'd like to tell you something about this post, but do not want to post my comment here. If you'd like, please e-mail me at: rog the dodger at (no spaces!). You are a very intelligent guy and I really enjoy your blog, but there is something here you need to fix. If you don't write, that's ok! But I hope to hear from you, you are so well spoken and inciteful.