Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snippits from Life

The other evening we met a couple for a drink. Whenever we go out and sit at a bar and I know that others will be joining us I always sit so as to put me at the end and Katie closest to the others to make it easier for her to converse with her friends. That evening was no exception and soon after we arrived Nancy and Kurt joined us. Nancy is a talker and her life always seems to be going 100 mph. Somehow the topic of dinner came up and Nancy asked Katie, “What are you cooking for dinner tonight?” She instantly corrected herself and said laughing, “I mean, what is he cooking you for dinner tonight?” Her eye moved from Katie to me and then back again as she rephrased the question. Katie laughed as she touched my thigh affectionately. It was a humorous moment and one that I smiled when she made her point yet it was understood by all that Katie 'doesn't do cooking anymore.' Katie and Nancy chatted about each other’s evening meal, never bringing the guys into the conversation. Katie told her I was going to make pizza which satisfied Nancy's curiosity and on they went to discuss other topics of interest.
I mention that five second conversation because the word is out about us; at least with Katie's closest friends. No, they don’t know that I am her sub, per se, but they do know that she runs the show and makes the decisions. I don’t know that any specific conversation has ever risen where Katie has been asked point blank why she and I function the way we do. Maybe it’s not a big deal to those women as I am sure their world-view of men is that they are there to take care of the female gender and not vice versa.
A few days later I told Katie I wanted to make lasagna as I was planning on treating my kids to a ‘dad’ made meal. I purchased the needed ingredients (I make a mean lasagna) while we were shopping that day. Later Katie told me I should plan on making two casserole dishes instead of one. She wanted to freeze the other so we could eat it later this winter. So out we went to pick up some more items, and the following morning I worked for the next two hours making sauce, boiling noodles, putting the dish together and carted the dishes off to the freezer.
Just as I finished washing the dishes and reorganizing the kitchen to a 'leave no trace' state, Katie told me to start cutting onions, carrots and potatoes for a stew. She threw on some meat to brown and while I cut up the vegetable components for the beef stew, she heated water to make a favorite beef-noodle soup she enjoys. We spent the morning together cooking and after cleaning the kitchen once again it was time to head off to work for the day.

Over the weekend, Katie and I went chest freezer shopping. She's been wanting to get one for some time and decided that today was to be the day. I did some online shopping and told her what I had found with regard to prices, manufacturers and stores. Best Buy had a great deal but she told me we would never be shopping there again unless she was given a gift card by someone. She had a bad experience a few years ago and she has mentally crossed that store off her list as one she will patronage. That narrowed the options by one and and we decided to visit two others she made her decision. 

Katie finally chose a freezer after talking with the salesman. While the two of them finalized the sale, I went out to the parking lot to pull a van up closer to the store. I found it revealing when I walked back in. There was Katie and the sales associate talking price and warrantee options and there I was, having fetched the car and left waiting for the two of them to finish the sale.
Today was Katie's birthday. We had made plans to go out for lunch to celebrate, knowing I had to work later that day and that she would be enjoying an evening with her friend. I wanted to make the day a bit more special than just a shared lunch so I purchased two-dozen roses and some baby's breath the day before. I arranged the flowers in a vase this morning while she was elsewhere and placed the vase on the kitchen table along with a small gift of perfume and card I had purchased a week ago. I love doing those little things that remind her how much I love her and appreciate her. She is indeed my best friend and one whom I love deeply. Our relationship is first and foremost a shared love - the D/s component is intimately woven into the fabric of our love, yet it is our love for one another and not that I am her submissive that binds us. However, I firmly believe that the structure of her as the head, and me as her servant adds significant depth to the love we share.

I wanted to share a few tidbits of life we have shared together over the past week. Hope your week has been just as rewarding. Stay warm and dry and be thankful for all that you have been blessed with.
I'm Hers


  1. I am jealous.
    Its sounds like so much fun.
    esp that others know.

  2. That was a very sweet post, and very true. There is something about a femdom relationship that adds a layer of intimacy to a marriage. When most women hear the term femdom or flm they think of BDSM. While there is often an aspect of BDSM to these relatiosnhips, it is not necessary, and not what a true loving femdom marraige is all about.

    Working in the studio I realized that most of the men who came in were sweet guys, good husbands, and fathers. They were not freaks. They were the type of men who most women would consider husband material. There, however, was something missing in their lives.

    One of the sweet things about men in a femdom relationship is that they are there for you. They tend to listen more, to talk less. In small groups, like with you, Katie, and friends at the bar they can be pciked out. These are the men who are listing instead of speaking. They are the ones who keep an eye out for anything there mistress may need. They are ready to order her drink, to pay the bill, and even keep an eye out for the safety of a lady's purse.

    Having a wife's freinds know that you serve her should not be soemthing a man should be ashamed of. Quite to the contrary a man's source of pride in him self should be associated with how good of a hsuband and servant he is.
    Women in femdom relationships learn to take pide in having a man who is well trained, loving, and attentive.


  3. Submanhub,
    It is a nice feeling to have Katie's friends know and I think that Kathy hit the nail on the head in her final statements - meaning that having others know should be a source of pride by the owned husband. Indeed it is. I hope you experience the same.

    1. Kathy,
      Thank you for writing and sharing thoughts. I wrote that post just for others to see how normal my life is and yet how 'led' I am by Katie. They tend not to be big things that take place in which she shows her dominance but rather the small continual ways that just keep the foundation of a FLR ever present in my mind. I love it. It does feel some deep need and bring out the best in me.

      Hope you and John are well.

  4. Thank you sweet heart. In sprit, in caring I beleive you are a lot like my John. The young women of today need to learn that the submissve men who live to serve, to please are a treasure. These are the men that will be there in old age. These are the men who have the courage to protect you on a dark street. It is just so very difficult for women to accept the idea that some men need the leadership of a wife. And yes, these are often the men that in the presence of women feel more confortable being seen than heard.

    Love, Mistress

  5. I have a post in mind with a portion of that idea in mind. I will write more on my thoughts about those 'young men' as it pertains to myself. I don't know if John was like me as a young man but I think life has taught me much over the years. Much I wish I had known and realized many years ago. You are a wise woman Kathy. I hope you understand that - at least in the realm of FLR - and continue to openly share your thoughts. You have an influence that is quite reaching. Enjoy your day.