Sunday, December 23, 2012

Financially Dependent

I did it. I went to the payroll department a few weeks ago and completed the necessary form to have my pay deposited into Katie’s checking account.  On the 15th I received a check for the previous pay period which I gave to Katie and Katie noticed she had a deposit for $0.00 into her account as well from my employer. On the 30th the money will be sent to Katie’s checking account. My account will remain active but will most likely not be used. I expect her to tell me to close it at some point as it really has no reason to remain open.  I am also beginning another part time job on the side doing some teaching and will, of course, give them Katie’s routing and account information so those funds are sent to her as well. I have one other employer that I do some per diem work for that I need to contact and will do that within a day or two so that my income finds its way to Katie’s account and not mine.

On December 15th she gave me my $20 of spending money that she now does twice monthly. Now that money doesn’t include gas, which she has instructed me put on the credit card, but it does limit my ability to spend money extensively. Basically I am without money to spend freely.  I use it to grab a snack here and there but otherwise, have nothing. To be honest, it’s really not a big deal to give her this control.  She is the one paying the bills so she needs to know how much money we have. She’s the one that decides what we spend and how we spend it and I understand that.  It all makes perfectly logical sense. The only time I struggle with this is when a friend asks me out to do something. If I have enough of my allowance left to share a meal or get a drink I’m OK. Otherwise I have to call Katie and see if I can use the credit card and if not, I decline the offer.

So, I marry on the 31st of the month and she will have her first of my forever deposits beginning the day before on the 30th.  She has my submission. She’s about to legalize it. She has me in chastity. She denies me….. it will be day 152 since I’ve last orgasmed when we marry, so she is firm control of our sex life, and now she has financial control. You may think I’m nuts to give her all this power but there is a sense of structure, and peace in doing so.  I feel completely free inside even though I own nothing. It’s all hers, yet she is all mine to care for and love. What more could a man want or need? 

Merry Christmas to each of you that have stopped by to read and contribute to this blog in 2012.

I’m Hers


  1. I hope your wedding is a fantastic event for both of you and hope you will update us on the wedding ceremony details at some point in the future. Best Wishes!!

    1. Wishful4,
      I do intend to do that if I think it will be of interest and helpful to others. Our vows are quite long but I may post them verbatum as I love them. Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow, such a brave thing to do. The feeling of complete and utter surrender and submission you must be feeling now in the days leading up to your marriage must be overwhelming. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful wedding.

  3. Anonymous, Merry Christmas. What are you doing on the web on Christmas Day! :) I already know that she is in charge in every aspect of my/our life/lives but the way that she leads is gentle yet firm, loving, yet unyielding. I think that because Katie's personality is this way, I don't feel lost as a person. I am still very much me. My submission hasn't changed who I am, it's just changed my life focus. But I can't wait to tell her in my marriage vow the degree of my submission. That will feel overwhelming - but in a wonderful way