Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting Married

Katie and I picked a date - well she picked the date but I wasn't gonna argue. December 31, 2012. It will be short, sweet, but oh so nice. We're going to be married by the local magistrate where we will say those 'canned' vows. Prior to that appointment we will have a quiet time to say our own vows at home where we will pledge our love, commmitment, and me to obey and submit and her to lead us in a wife led marriage.  I will gladly tell her I will obey and follow her, which is really not a changefrom the way we interact now. What is significant is that I will say this as part of my marriage vow which I deem as sacred.

Afterward we'll share a dinner with friends and then have a party as we ring in the new year.

Only 28 more days!

I'm Hers - FOREVER!!

PS. I've added an email contact for those that would like to chat or share a thought on the right side of the blog page. I won't check it every day but will periodically.


  1. As a happily married (for nearly twenty years now) man, I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  2. I hope your marriage will be as happy as our's.
    Congratulations to you two.


  3. Congratulations. We to did a ceremony on our ten year anniversary. We wrote new vows and spoke them to each other. We then signed the new marriage agreement. Later we went out for dinner and then after went home and consummated the new agreement. I believe those words we spoke to each other were spiritually binding and are now the foundation on which our marriage rests.

    I wish nothing but the best for you two.

    Awe, I am going to cry....


  4. Appy, RA and SH, thanks friends! I appreciate your words of congrats as well as encouragement. This is indeed a special time and one that I will not soon forget. I can't wait and am so looking forward to living in a WLM. I want you all to know that you each have been influential in my progression into submission as I have read your blogs religiously and have really thought about the words that you and others have written. I feel that we each have found a special way of keeping our marriages strong and healthy - by submitting. I appreaciate you all.

  5. I hope you have a great marriage cerimony.
    Will there ve guests at the cerimony?
    I wonder will there be a collective 'gasp'?

  6. December 31 is a very good date for ceremonies.
    I'll think of you on that day.


  7. When I was married I vowed to "love, honor, and obey" in the official ceremony and the magistrate pronounced us "Woman and husband". The magistrate thought it was a little odd but had no problem with it. Then on our wedding night Wife caned me on my bare buttocks.

  8. I look at our wedding pictures and see our smiling, innocent faces. That was more than 4 decades ago, and I wouldn't trade a day of it away. Marriage is good for you. I hope yours is every bit as incredible as ours has been.

  9. Tamara, Harry and Anonymous, thanks for your encouragement and thoughts. It seems as whereever you turn in life there are good people out there and you alll are examples of that. Thanks again