Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Thought Tonight was the Night

The other night we were laying in bed talking, me naked, and Katie in her panties and nighty. Eventually she turned off the TV and started paying me some sexual attention, touching and enjoying my cock and generally getting me riled up. Her touches were soft, gentle, slow yet deliberate. They felt wonderful in the dark of the night. It has been over 120 days since I last orgasmed. My responses now to her touch are immediate and pronounced. It doesn’t take long to harden and tonight was no exception. After some time I could sense her reaching for something on the night stand with one hand while she fondled me with the other.
“Hmm, I wonder if she’s trying to find the lubricating oil?”I thought. “Maybe she’s really going to do this for awhile. Wouldn’t that be nice.” I relished in the thought that I would be paid the attention tonight rather than being told to give her a massage. But the thought was shourt lived as a moment later she stopped her fondling and went into the bathroom to take a pill. She came back with two bottles of oil. “Which is which?” she asked. I still had hope. Yes!
I told her the massage oil had the flip cap. She set that one aside on the bed and opened the other. “Yes, “this is going to a fun night after all.”
She applied some lubricant and rubbed once more, making me feel oh so good. “What’s your intention here, Katie?” I asked.
“I’m going to make you feel good,”she whispered.
“Am I allowed to cum?” I asked hopefully.
“No,” she said quite matter-of-factly and with that she gently touched me again, slowly heightening my arousal. I was in heaven as there’s nothing as nice as feeling Katie’s touch, even if I know it will end without me experiencing a release. I thought, “Maybe it will end with me experiencing a ruined one,” We had briefly talked about that very thing a few weeks ago. Maybe this was to be the night she experimented with this. Those thoughts were brief flashes in time. Mostly I just laid back and enjoyed the attention knowing she was going to take good care of me. But within a few minutes Katie’s hips started moving and I heard that familiar “mmmm” in her voice. I knew what was coming. The touches stopped. She rolled on her back and slipped out of her panties and pulled me on top of her. It was Katie time. Apparently the feeling of what she had in her hand had changed her mind for the evening’s activities and pleasuring her took sudden precedence over pleasing and teasing me.
It wasn’t that I minded making love with her. I love making love with Katie, but I sure was looking forward to that personal attention. In the end, she was true to her word. I did feel good, I did get close, and I didn’t release. I was left wanting when she stopped, used the bathroom and returned telling me she wanted a massage. I obeyed and rubbed her body with oil until she fell asleep and then rubbed it for another twenty minutes just because I knew in her subconscious she could feel my touches and was enjoying it.
When I was certain she was asleep, I pulled the sheet and quilt up and quietly slipped under the sheet next to her. I love her. She is becoming such a wonderful Domme.

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